Ready for Extant? The new science fiction series promises to shake up your expectations of the possibilities of a TV drama and take us on a wild ride into space. Halle Berry lead the new show, which is set to premiere on CBS and Amazon Prime to audiences worldwide this week.

Halle Berry Extant
Halle Berry Is Pregnant With What Could Be An Alien Baby In 'Extant.'

The plot follows Molly Woods (Berry), who returns from space pregnant with what could be an alien baby in the first episode, after an inexplicable encounter with her ex-lover Marcus (Sergio Harford). As a result, questions abound even from the series' first few scenes, pulling the viewer in tight.

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The high budget production is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, and the acclaimed sci-fi director's influence can be felt all over the show. Perhaps thanks to Spielberg's star-power, CBS ordered a 13-episode first season without seeing a pilot.

Like CBS' summer 2013 success, Under The Dome, Extant is described as an "event series" - a set-up similar to a miniseries but without the ruling out of a second season. Packed with cool inventions, such as high-tech trash cans and computers you control with special gloves, Extant hits hard with technological imagination and creative scope.

Extant Amazon Prime
'Extant' Has All The Makings Of Another Steven Spielberg Success...This Time On TV.

Viewers are bound to dislike Molly's short-tempered husband, John (Goran Visnjic), who holds the belief that the show's creepy robot babies are just as good as normal babies.

The series is visually stunning but unfortunately all the sleek special effects in the world can't save a show from a dodgy plot and hammy acting, as early reviewers have found.

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"If it does find something new and interesting to do with its basic subject matter of aliens," says The Guardian, adding "However, if the show holds out on the clues or none of the characters get more nuanced or interesting, it's probably best to give this the chop after episode four."

Extant has "a pilot that's heavy on tantalizing threads and not much else," says Variety. "The show's strong cast hints at more promise than the premiere ultimately exhibits," writes Brian Lowry, who - hilariously - sums up the series as "a close encounter of the reproductive kind."

Extant premieres on Wednesday, 9 July, at 9pm on CBS in the US; 10 July on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK.

Amazon Prime Logo'Extant' Will Premiere This Week On CBS And Amazon Prime Instant Video.