Fans of CBS's new sci-fi series 'Extant' will now have to wait an extra hour to watch each new episode as the television network has changed its air time to 10 p.m. in an effort to boosts ratings, which will star this week on Wednesday night (July 30th).

Halle Berry in 'Extant'

The space drama, starring Halle Berry, previously aired behind 'Big Brother,' but will now swap with repeats of 'Criminal Minds' in hopes that the long-running drama will act as a more suitable lead-in than a reality based show did.

According to Neilson Co., 'Extant' garnered just under 6.5 million viewers last Wednesday and made Neilson's top ten list for that week, but CBS wanted higher figures for the high-profile summer drama, especially since it was beaten by reruns of two 'NCIS' episodes.

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The new timeslot for 'Extant' also allows the television network to avoid direct competition with NBC's popular 'America's Got Talent,' which eclipsed 'Extant' in ratings by earning 11.09 million, Variety notes.

The new space travel series depicts a female astronaut, played by Berry, who has returned home after a yearlong voyage in outer space on her own. She attempts to reconnect with her husband and son whilst adjusting to everyday life, but her experiences leads to events that change the course of history after she returns back to earth pregnant.

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"When I read it, I thought, wow, what an amazing character," Berry told CBS News of her character. "That's what I'm looking for: a new challenge. Something I hadn't done before. This Sci-Fi was so rooted in family and grounded, and the characters were complicated indeed. I thought hmm, this could be really wonderful."

'Extant' will now air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

Berry ay have also been drawn to the role because she is a self-confessed believer in aliens. The admission came when Berry appeared on David Letterman's 'Late Show' last month, and said, "I don't believe we are the only species in existence. My ego doesn't tell me that we're the only ones who survived. It might take us 20 years to get to those other life forms, but I think they are out there."