Sexy actress Halle Berry counts the skintight catsuit she had to wear for CATWOMAN as the "true highlight" of making the movie.

The OSCAR-winning beauty enjoyed slipping into the sassy outfit for her feline character on a daily basis.

She says, "(The suit was) the highlight of the whole movie experience. It was empowering. Besides the obvious sex appeal, it really takes a certain level of confidence to pull it off.

"We all have physical flaws, but you can't hide them when you're wearing it."

But fans hoping to get their hands on the outfit which adorned her curvaceous body are in for a disappointment as Berry plans to keep it for herself.

She explains, "It's mainly because I didn't want it to end up on eBAY."

And Berry is also unsure whether her movie outfit will spark any kind of fashion frenzy, adding, "They've always been in fashion, but they come and go. They're not the most practical thing to go around wearing."

20/07/2004 02:33