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my name is Abdul Sola,an african and not related to any terorrist.i just want to use this medium to request for the Email of my model HALLE BERRY.I am a great great fan of her dated a long time back.I always pray to God to please give me the opportunity to see her or exchange mails with her before going to heaven.i live in New Jersey.

Hi there!Are there any other females around {including in the showbiz profession} who look as stunning and sexually appealing as Halle Berry? - I sure would like to know them, although, to be fair, the original is always the best - And in Halle Berry's case she can never ever be beaten for her awesome eyes {gems}, those smiles, that sizzling body, her perfect booty ... ... See what I mean? Halle Berry can never be beaten in any category. She has never failed to get me horny and I know, just by looking at her, sexual failure is not a part of her life.Not a part of mine either. Ooh, what a princess! xxx- Russtti Gaynor - London, UK - 301106

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by Russtti Gaynor

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