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Halle Berry Claims Her Oscar Win "Meant Nothing" For Diversity

Halle Berry Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences

Halle Berry made history back in 2002 when she won the best actress Oscar for her acclaimed role in Monster’s Ball – but, 15 years later, she has said that it has “meant nothing” for wider diversity in the movie industry.

She is still the only black woman to have scooped the main award for female actors at the Academy Awards, and during a new interview with Teen Vogue magazine, she recalled that when the nominations for the 2015 Oscars were announced, she was “profoundly hurt” that no ethnic minority actors or directors were up for any of the major prizes.

Halle BerryHalle Berry has claimed her historic 2002 Oscars win "meant nothing"

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Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Finalize Divorce

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and ex husband Olivier Martinez will get a fresh start for 2017, having reportedly just finalised their divorce.

The couple first announced their split in October 2015, after two years of marriage. They have one child together, three-year-old son Maceo.

Halle BerryHalle Berry and Olivier Martinez have finalised their divorce

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Kidnap Trailer

Like the majority of mother and sons, Karla and her son Frankie share a special bond. They love spending time together and have days out together enjoying one another's company. Karla decides that she and Frankie will spend the day at the park and the pair begin to have a wonderful day together, Whilst Frankie plays on the children's play equipment, they play a game of Marco Polo. Karla affectionately calls for her son by shouting 'Marco' whilst Frankie reciprocates with 'Polo', the game goes on for a while before Karla finds her calls going unanswered.

Becoming more and more worried about her son, Karla frantically begins to search and eventually sees one of his toys on a bench. Her concern escalates and leads to her asking 'have you seen my son' to anyone and everyone who will listen. Journeying to the car park, he catches a glimpse of a boy she believes to be Frankie being put into the back of an old vehicle. She reaches the car but in the chase Karla drops her phone.

Taking pursuit of the vehicle in her own car, Karla decides to go to the police station but the officer on duty doesn't see Karla's pleas as an urgent matter and asks her to fill out report forms. Knowing that her son's life is potentially in imminent danger she returns to her car and tracks down the other car. 

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Halle Berry Joins Social Media, Shares Topless First Pic

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has finally joined social media, signing up to both Twitter and Instagram this week, and she turned a few heads with her first ever post.

The 49 year old actress and former model took a topless photo – with her back turned, natch – while standing in a wooded area. “Hi everyone…” she began her post on Tuesday (March 29th).

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Halle Berry Describes Oscars Diversity Row As "Heartbreaking"

Halle Berry Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences

Halle Berry, the first and only black woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress, has spoken about the current controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in nominations process, describing the situation as “heartbreaking”.

The 49 year old actress, who picked up her Oscar for her role as a poor southern woman who falls for Billy Bob Thornton’s prison guard character in 2001’s Monster’s Ball, spoke at the Makers Conference on Tuesday night in Los Angeles about that win and what she felt it meant at the time.

Halle BerryHalle Berry, the only black winner of the Best Actress Oscar, had her say on the #OscarsSoWhite saga

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Video - Halle Berry Stuns In Glittering Purple Dress Outside 'Letterman'

Halle Berry squints against the glaring sunlight as she waves at the paparazzi waiting upon her arrival at 'The Late Show With David Letterman' in New York. She looked positively dazzling as she posed in a clinging, sparkly, plum-coloured dress before entering the building.

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Halle Berry Hails Her "Amazing Character" In Extant

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the latest big name star to make the move from silver to small screen. The lead in CBS’ new sci-fi, Extant, Berry’s character is an astronaut who returns to earth only to find herself mysteriously pregnant. 

Halle Berry in ExtantHalle Berry stars in 'Extant', which hits TVs tonight

“When I read it, I thought, wow, what an amazing character," Berry told CBS News. "That's what I'm looking for: a new challenge. Something I hadn't done before. This Sci-Fi was so rooted in family and grounded, and the characters were complicated indeed. I thought hmm, this could be really wonderful."

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Halle Berry May Or May Not Be Pregnant With Alien Baby In 'Extant'

Halle Berry

Halle Berry plays an astronaut, returning from a mission in the creepy sci-fi thriller Extant, premiering July 9. The series is based on the premise that Molly Woods (Berry) returns from space pregnant, after an inexplicable encounter with her ex-lover Marcus (Sergio Harford). The questions are endless. How did it happen? Is Marcus the father? And is he even human? It may sound like a soap opera with an alien twist, but the high-budget production actually comes from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV.

Berry plays an inexplicably pregnant astronaught in CBS' upcoming sci-fi thriller.

Two trailers have been shared so far and today, an exclusive clip from the show was released via Entertainment Weekly. The clip shows a tense and disturbing encounter on board the space station, during which Molly sees Marcus for the first time on board the space station. There is little dialogue, but the visuals of the series look spotless.

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'Constantine', 'Gotham', 'Agent Carter', Our Picks From Next Season's Line-Up

Halle Berry Katherine Heigl

It’s that time of the year again, when the networks choose which shows will make up our viewing schedules for the foreseeable future. This year there’s plenty on offer with a whole new crop of promising comedies and dramas coming our way. Here’s a few we’ve selected from the big five networks which stand the best chance of becoming our next television obsession.

Hayley AtwellHayley Atwel stars in 'Agent Carter'


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Lupita Nyong'o Named People's Most Beautiful, But She's So Much More

Lupita Nyong'o Alek Wek Halle Berry Jennifer Lopez Beyonce Knowles

Lupita Nyong'o has been named as People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman," topping off a remarkable year for the actress, who was comparatively barely known this time in 2013. An Oscar-winning supporting role in Steve McQueen's equally Academy Award-festooned drama, 12 Years a Slave, served as a rocket to fame for the 31 year-old Kenyan-Mexican.

Lupita Nyong'o People Most Beautiful
Lupita Nyong'o Has Been Crowned People's Most Beautiful Woman.

Nyong'o's performance in the emotionally-challenging slavery tale earned her international critical accolades but her many appearances on the red carpet at awards shows earned her a place in the hearts and imaginations of the fashion world. Having starred in a Miu Miu campaign and been signed up as the face of Lancôme within the past three months, Lupita's ascent to icon status has been rapid yet deserved.

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'X-Men: Days Of Future Past,' Different Generations Of Superheroes Combine [Trailer + Pictures]

Hugh Jackman Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Halle Berry Michael Fassbender James McAvoy Jennifer Lawrence Bryan Singer

Following a nastily short, nevertheless exciting, six-second teaser trailer released last week, we finally have a longer trailer to whet our comic book appetites. The emotive, epic trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past sets out the story, which sees two generations of X-Men required to stop a war before it begins.

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman's Wolverine faces a difficult task

Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman reprise their roles; the latter being the conduit on which the film’s plot is based. He must wake up in his younger body, and find a young Professor Charles Xavier and “guide him, have patience with him.”

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First Official Trailer For 'X Men: Days Of Future Past' Hints At Herculean Heroism In What Could Be The Next Great Comic Book Movie [Trailer]

Patrick Stewart Hugh Jackman Ian McKellen James McAvoy Michael Fassbender Ellen Page Jennifer Lawrence Anna Paquin Halle Berry Nicholas Hoult

X-Men: Days of Future Past won't be out until May next year, but after you see the first trailer for it you'll wish that you could jump forward and dive right into it now. In it, we get our first real glimpse at our mutant heroes and villains, from past and future, who must bend the space time continuum to make the future a better day for mutants throughout the Marvel Universe.

James McAvoyPatrick Stewart
The past (McAvoy) and present (Stewart) Xaviers meet face to face in the trailer

Based on the much lauded and incredibly popular (if you happen to be into comic books at least) 'Days of Future Past' storyline from the Uncanny X-Men, the move will unite the characters from the first X-Men movies with those from 2011's X-Men: First Class, with the present day X-Men having to go back in time to prevent the ongoing war against mutants, who are being hunted down by the robotic Sentinels. Are you still with us? Good, because it gets even more complicated.

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What Have Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Named Their Son?

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and her husband, fellow actor Olivier Martinez, welcomed the birth of their baby boy on Saturday (5th October 2013).

Olivier Martinez and Halle BerryOlivier Martinez and Halle Berry have welcomed the birth of a son.

The couple tied the knot in July this year, a few months after Berry revealed she was pregnant. The couple first met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide. Berry has been married twice before to David Justice and Eric Benet, although neither of these partnerships produced children; Berry has a 5 year old daughter, Nahla, with model Gabriel Aubry. 

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As 3 Month Anniversary Looms, Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez Welcome First Child

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry

Actress Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez have finally welcomed the birth of their first child, a son, last Saturday (5th October), a representative confirmed via Sky News. Berry is said to have given birth at the favorite hospital of celebrities in LA, Cedars-Sinai. Though this is Berry and Martinez's first child together, Halle has a young daughter Nahla from her previous relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

Halle Berry Pregnant
Halle Gives Birth To A Second Child.

French actor Martinez met Halle whilst they were both were filming for 2010 movie, Dark Tide. The movie may have proved forgettable but there was no forgetting each other and after dating they were engaged by 2012. Their marriage, on the 13th July this year, was an extremely secretive affair in a French chateau in the Burgundy area.

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Halle Berry Is A Mother Again, As She And Olivier Martinez Welcome Baby Boy

Halle Berry

Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez are parents! Berry gave birth to the pair's first child together on Saturday, 5 October, with a rep for the pair confirming the good news with People Magazine later that day. All three are said to be doing well following the birth. Congratulations guys!

This is Berry's second child to date, having had her first child, 5-year-old daughter Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. A source at the scene at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles told People on Saturday night, "Olivier hasn't left Halle's side. Nahla visited her baby brother earlier today."

Berry and Martinez were wedded back in July at an intimate ceremony in Olivier's homeland in the quaint village of Vallery. Having been married twice before, Berry is hoping that her union with Martinez will be the matrimony she has always been looking for and with a newborn baby in tow, the pair look as though their relationship could potentially last the long-run. To make matters even better, the loving mother is also said to be especially smitten with Martinez because her daughter Nahla has also been taken by his French charm, which bodes well for his chances at being a great father with his own son.

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Frankie & Alice, Halle Berry's 2010 Effort, Will Finally See A Wide Release In 2014

Halle Berry Stellan Skarsgard Phylicia Rashad Chandra Wilson

Frankie & Alice, the Halle Berry-starring psychological thriller about a woman with multiple personality disorder, will finally see the light of day. The flick has been picked up by the Lionsgate label Codeblack Films, according to Deadline. . The distribution company now owns the North American rights to the film and has the release date for April 4, 2014. The deal ends four rather turbulent years for Frankie & Alice, during which the flick struggled to find a home. It made its debut at Cannes in 2010 and was also presented at that year’s AFI Fest, but interest has dwindled since then.

Halle Berry, Frankie & Alice Screening
The picture hasn't seen much interest since its debut.

Stellan Skarsgard, Phylicia Rashad and Chandra Wilson co-star in this Geoffrey Sax directed pic. As it so happens, Frankie & Alice has found a fitting home at Codeblack. The company tends to specialize in distributing films for the African American market and, again according to Deadline, has just closed the deal over the rights to the Flyy Girl book trilogy written by New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree.

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Halle Berry Continues War Against Paparazzi (This Time, With Added Jennifer Garner)

Jennifer Garner Halle Berry Ben Affleck

Oscar winner Halle Berry isn't ready to back down in her war against the paparazzi, turning up to speak in front of a panel of legislators in Sacramento, California this week. The actress has long campaigned to shackle the paparazzi, though this time she brought reinforcements in the form of Jennifer Garner - the Hollywood actress and wife of Ben Affleck.

The two women testified before the Assembly Judiciary Committee in support of a bill that its supporters say would protect celebrities from harassment by photographers, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"We're moms here who are just trying to protect our children," said Berry, who has several run-ins with the paparazzi over the past year. She was also caught up in a very public confrontation involving her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and fiancé, now husband, Olivier Martinez, "These are little innocent children who didn't ask to be celebrities. They didn't ask to be thrown into this game and they don't have the wherewithal to process what's happening. We don't have a law in place to protect them from this," she added.

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Halle Berry News Story About 'The Call' Knockout Finally Explained

Halle Berry Michael Eklund Abigail Breslin

Remember the Halle Berry news story about getting knocked out on the set of thriller The Call? Well, the Oscar winner never commented at the time, though has finally revealed the true extent of her injuries, which left her hospitalized in Los Angeles.

At the time, it was widely reported that Berry had tipped and hit her head, though she now admits to requiring treatment following a fight sequence with Michael Eklund

Berry, currently pregnant with her second child, explained, "The bad guy in the movie accidentally slammed my head into the concrete. He misjudged how far the ground was and he slammed my head into it so I got knocked out," according to the Express.

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X-Men At Comic-Con 2013: 'Wolverine The Musical', The Dinklage Hair & "Hideous" 70s Clothes

Hugh Jackman Bryan Singer Peter Dinklage Ellen Page Halle Berry James McAvoy Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Jennifer Lawrence

The X-Men stars who were present at this year's monumental Comic-Con included writers Simon Kinberg and Omar Sy, as well as Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, director Bryan Singer, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Evan Peters, with producers Lauren Shula Donner and Hutch Parker.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman: Always Ready To Break Into Song.

Hugh Jackman, AKA Wolverine, took centre stage as arguably the most memorable and distinctive character in the long-running franchise. Describing his role as Wolverine as "the job that has defined [his]career...every day [he's] grateful," he added "I thank my lucky stars" before he and X-Men director Bryan Singer engaged in a spot of snuggling.

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At Champs-Elysees Film Festival, Olivier Martinez Gushes About Baby Boy With Halle Berry

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are expecting a son, the French actor confirmed to PEOPLE. The gender of the baby, which is due sometime in October, according to TMZ, was kept a closely guarded secret until now, but Martinez is really excited about having a son. Another big topic is the baby’s citizenship. While Martinez is and intends to remain a French citizen, his son will be born an American by default.

The actor talked about his wife and future baby at the Champs-Elysees Film Festival, where he’s currently serving as honorary president. Martinez also remarked on some cultural differences between France and the US. In a joking-but-not-really moments, he commented on the differences between press lines in the two countries.

“It’s not the first one, not the last [I've been on],” he said with a smile. “It’s part of the job.” This regarding the red carpet at CEFF. “I’m French — it’s less important,” Martinez explained.

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Halle Berry Insists Pregnancy Won't Affect X-Men Filming Schedule

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has insisted that her latest pregnancy won’t disrupt the schedule of filming latest X-Men film, telling reporters defiantly "One thing is for sure, with another baby on the way mama cannot take time off.”

With filming set to start shortly on X-Men: Days Of Future Past there are some concerns that the arrival of Berry’s latest child could get in the way of filming, but the actress has insisted that filming won’t be altered and the script will stay the same. The BBC reports that she was talking to reporters in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where she was promoting her latest film The Call. Speaking of her X-Men character, she said: "Storm probably won't be as badass as she was going to be because we won't be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that.”

Berry went on to add: "She'll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she'll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie." The film is scheduled to be out next year, and is being directed by Bryan Singer. The Call, meanwhile, sees Berry playing the role of an emergency call attendant. She had some unwanted insight into the life of an emergency caller when she had an intruder break into her house a year before filming the movie. "That woman on the other end of the phone was there to make sure that I did all the right things, to make sure that I was safe," she commented.

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Halle Berry Isn't Trading Custody Over Her Future Baby

Halle Berry

Last week, the news that Halle Berry is pregnant with her second child was announced, and the pregnancy developments haven’t ceased to occupy the news feeds since then. Earlier this week, Berry, who is reportedly just twelve weeks along, jetted off to Argentina to promote her upcoming flick The Call. During the trip, the actress also indulged in some stress-relieving retail therapy, E!News reports. She walked her budding baby bump around town in what will probably become her pregnancy uniform – a loose sweater and baggy pants. If anyone can pull off the comfy outfit though, it’s Halle Berry, who continues to maintain her Bond girl physique even at 46.

It hasn’t all been fun and shopping sprees though. Reports have been popping up that Berry has been working towards a deal with the baby’s father, Olivier Martinez, where he gets custody rights and Berry gets alimony. The actress, however, has denied any such claims. Berry’s lawyer, Steve Colodny, was quoted by TMZ earlier today as saying that not only has there been no agreement over a trade-off, there hasn’t even been any discussion of such a thing.

Meanwhile, news sources have been clamoring to find out the sex of the future baby. Despite rumors that it will be a boy, Berry is still keeping it under wraps.

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"It's Just Wrong!" - Halle Berry Speaks Out After Scuffle With Paparazzi

Halle Berry

Halle Berry certainly isn’t the only celeb to be hounded by paparazzi, but when it comes to her daughter, Nahla, Berry is ready to take legal action. After seeking the support of fellow celebs like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Berry has been taking more serious action. The actress recently lost the suit against former boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey to be allowed to relocate her daughter to France. 46-year-old Berry wanted to take the drastic measure, in order to protect Nahla, as France has much stricter privacy and anti-paparazzi laws than the US.

Failing that, Berry now plans to appeal to the highest authority in the US – the commander and chief himself. "You know, I think I'm going call President Obama and say 'look, can you help us?' I know this seems like a little issue right now, but it's a big issue in our lives and our lives at the school and our children being protected," she said.

Halle Berry, The Call premiere
Halle Berry is taking a stand for her privacy.

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Halle Berry Dress On Leno Leaves Tongues Wagging, Especially Jay's!

Halle Berry Jay Leno

Halle Berry's appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night wont be remembered for herencouraging promotion of new film The Call, nor will it be remembered for any of Leno's witticisms, no what people will remember Halle's appearance for will be the cleavage bearing, thigh-high dress worn by the Oscar-winning actress. Judging by Jay's reaction to the dress, we're guessing he'll be dreaming about Ms Berry and her ensemble for weeks on end (he's not the only one).

The 46-year-old ensured that all eyes were on her during her chat with the late night talk veteran, wearing a black and silver mini dress that showed off a helluva lot of clevage. Despite all his years of experience, Leno couldn't help himself but be drawn into Berry's breasts, with his glare clearly fixed on her exposed chest throughout most of the interview. Jay is clearly a fan of Halle’s figure-hugging dress-choice, as he complimented the star on the plunging Versace gown she wore to the 85th Annual Academy Awards last month, adding, “I like this dress better.” Something tells us he isn't the only one.

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Peter Farrelly Tells Critics To 'Back Off' As Movie 43 Tanks

Peter Farrelly Hugh Jackman Kate Winslet Halle Berry Uma Thurman Seth Macfarlane

12 different directors contributed to the misshapen mess that was Movie 43, but it’s Peter Farrelly whose decided to speak out against the slew of bad reviews that the comedy has received from critics.

The film should have been a big box office success, boasting in its cast as it did the likes of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Seth Macfarlane and a whole host others in its series of mini-vignettes. However, a critical mauling has left it with an average rating of 4% on reviews aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes, whilst some critics have been moved enough to call it the worst film of all time. As one of the 12 directing, Farrelly – who can boast comedy successes like There’s Something About Mary and Stuck On You in his resume – took the haters to task on Twitter.

"To the critics: Movie 43 is not the end of the world. It's just a $6-million movie where we tried to do something different. Now back off," he fumed, adding "To the critics: You always complain that Hollywood never gives you new stuff, and then when you get it, you flip out," he added in a separate 140-character missive. "Lighten up." Among the many derogatory comments about the film, the most amusing was perhaps Richard Roeper’s of the Chicago Sun Times, the unimpressed critic describing the movie as “the Citizen Kane of awful”.

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Kat Graham, Claressa Shields And Ski Johnson Strut Their Stuff On The Red Carpet At The BET Honors (VIDEO)

Halle Berry Alicia Keys

Stars from across the board were out in force for the BET honours on the 12/01/2013. The BET celebrates distinguished African Americans performing at exceptional levels in the areas of music, literature, entertainment, media, service and education.

Other musicians out in force on the red carpet were Ledisi, Y'Anna Crawley, Kem, Ray Chew, Bazaar Royale with Beverly Bond, Luke James of Fashion Music and music executive Clarence Avant. Fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins, ABC news anchor Cynne Simpson, Mayor of the District of Columbia Vincent Gray, President and CEO of Viacom Philippe Dauman with his wife Deborah Dauman, and American journalist Roland Martin were also at the event.

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BET Honor Honoree Halle Berry Walks The Red Carpet With Alicia Keys And Kelly Rowland (Video)

Halle Berry Alicia Keys Kelly Rowland

You can always rely on Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland to turn heads wherever they turn up, and the trio did just that as they arrived together that the BET Honors event in Washington DC. The BET Honors stands for the Black Entertainment Television and is inspired by the Kennedy Center Honors, seeking to award those who've contributed much to the black community through arts, entertainment, sports or other endeavors over the years.

Halle Berry, Kelly Rowland and Alicia Keys arrive at the BET Honors

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Video - Halle Berry, Alicia Keys And Kelly Rowland At BET Honors 2013

Amongst celebrities arriving at the 2013 BET Honors event in Washington DC were 'X-Men' star Halle Berry, multi-BET award winning R&B artist Alicia Keys and 4-time Grammy winner Kelly Rowland.

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Rihanna's Barbados Trespasser Triggers Alarm: Who Was He?

Rihanna Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian Usher Halle Berry

Rihanna was forced to call the cops at her home in Barbados on Sunday (December 23, 2012) after a man trespassed onto the property. Barbados Police confirm that they received a call after a man believed to be a German national wandered onto the private beachfront estate.

Though it is assumed the man intended no harm to the superstar singer, the incident clearly unnerved Rihanna and she waited anxiously while police arrived. By the time authorities conducted a sweep of the property, the man had made a hasty retreat though was later snapped on the beach by TMZ.com. Police say they do not believe the man is a stalker, though they want to have a chat with him to determine his reasoning for trespassing on the lavish estate. 

The Sun newspaper presented a very different version of events, claiming the man got within 10ft of Rihanna before she spotted him. A witness said, "The guy got to within about 10 to 12ft of where Rihanna was sitting before he was apprehended by security.He looked fairly harmless but it was a little too close for comfort." 

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Halle Berry And Chaka Khan To Be Made BET Honorees

Halle Berry Chaka Khan Alicia Keys Tyra Banks Stevie Wonder Whitney Houston Tyler Perry

Halle Berry and Chaka Khan will be amongst the honourees being recognised by BET for their contribution to the advancement of the African American population during next years awards presentation.

The network announced the news today (Dec 20) that Berry and Khan would be amongst next years inductees into the honour list, with basketball star Lisa Leslie, music executive Clarence Avant and religious leader T.D. Jakes also being honoured. The ceremony will take place on January 12th in Washington, D.C., at the Warner Theatre. The show special airs on BET a month later on February 11th, with a host of special performances also taking place on the night.

BET Honors are awarded yearly to African Americans who have been recognised by BET as having exceeded in their fields of music, literature, entertainment, education and more. The awards presentation was devised in 2008 by the broadcasting company to coincide with Black History Month, with Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks, Magic Johnson, Tyler Perry, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder having been honoured in the past. Next years ceremony will be presented by Gabrielle Union, with the list of performers at the event being held for the time being. At least this gives Halle something to look forward to, should she be fearing her Christmas celebrations go the same way as her Thanksgiving festivities went.

Gabriel Aubry Gets To See His Daughter Again

Gabriel Aubry Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

It's been a tough week for everyone surrounding Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla. On Thanksgiving last Thursday (Nov. 22nd) Berry's current fiancee Olivier Martinez and, her ex, father of Nahla, Gabriel Aubry, had a horrific brawl that left Aubry's face battered and bruised, and Martinez's hand in a splint. Pretty Nasty. However, the sun is on the horizon as Aubry was reunited with his beloved daughter today, according to TMZ.

Both Martinez and Aubry ended up firstly in hospital and later in the police station on Thursday, and since then both parties have taken out emergency restraining orders on one another. The whole argument began due to a custody battle between Halle and Aubry, because Halle wants to take Nahla over to Paris where she and Olivier plan to live together, effectively ripping Aubry from his daughter. The judge, of course, agreed with Aubry that this idea was preposterous and did not grant that right to Berry. 

On the 29th of November they reached an agreement which meant the restraining orders were dropped and have enabled Aubry to see Nahla again. Clair Berk, Halle Berry's legal representative said, "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter." Smiles all round then, and just in time for Christmas. 

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Have Halle Berry's Warring Men Come To An Agreement?

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez

It’s been ugly for all parties concerned, but it looks like Halle Berry’s unruly men have finally started to settle their differences. If you haven’t been following this story, then consider the following a lesson in how not to get on with your ex’s current beau: on Thanksgiving Canadian model Gabriel Aubry ended up on the wrong side of what pictures showed to be a vicious bout of fisticuffs with Berry’s current fiancée Olivier Martinez. It was believed that a recent court decision not to allow the Oscar-winning 46 year-old actress to move with her daughter and Martinez to France was the cause of the fight, and much bitterness ensued this week.

However, according to Sky Sports News, the three of them have reached an amicable agreement in court behind the closed doors. Lawyers for the trio said that they’d managed to agree a deal, though the brief statement added tersely "There will be no further statements regarding this matter.”

Berry and Aubry have been in a bitter dispute as it is over the previous few months, over custody for their four year-old daughter Nahla. It’s a battle that Aubry lost, and the model has had his pride wounded too after this recent fight. At least it would appear that some sort of reconciliation is on the cards.

Gabriel Aubry And Olivier Martinez Shake Hands And Move On?

Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez have reportedly reached a truce over their violent clash on Thanksgiving last week. The pair brawled on Halle Berry's driveway, with Aubry taking a bit of a beating.

Aubry - a male supermodel - is the father of Halle Berry's daughter Nahla, while French actor Martinez is her current boyfriend. Reports suggested Martinez was angry over the $3 million Aubry is said to have cost the couple in a recent lawsuit, though this is yet to be confirmed. Berry's lawyer Blair Berk told the New York Daily News, "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter." Both sides sat down in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday (November 29, 2012) to discuss the settlement, with a family court judge overseeing the paternity case for Berry and Aubry's 4-year-old daughter. 

It's not clear whether police will pursue a criminal case against the model, though this is looking increasingly unlikely. Though he ended up with a broken rib and a smashed up face, Aubry is said to have started the brawl and was taken into custody on Thanksgiving morning on suspicion of misdemeanour battery.

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Halle Berry's Up For Sale In The Aftermath Of Gabriel Aubry V Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry

What a week for Halle Berry; her fiance Olivier Martinez beat ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to a bloody pulp outside her front door - a front door that will soon belong to someone else, as TMZ report Halle Berry's mansion is on the market. 

The listing is described as a pocket listing in the real estate business as it's not advertised, but, as these things always do, the sale has come to light. Reports say that Berry has been offered $11m for the place already, but she's holding out for $15m. She might be rich, but $4m is a lot of money! Saying that, cash will be the last thing on her mind at the moment, as the family deals with the aftermath of what can only be described as a gruesome brawl between her current fiance Olivier Martinez and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. Pictures show Aubry to be severely battered and bruised, and he definitely looks the worse off in the whole affair. 

The house, while it looks bigger, is a 5-bedroom, 5,900 sq. ft. Tuscan-style estate, with a huge backyard, a 1,400 sq. ft. guest house a pool and spa, myriad fireplaces, incredible landscaping, and a big front court, where Gabriel and Olivier engaged in the now infamous conflict. Since the brawl, Berry has gone to court to extend a temporary restraining order against Aubry.

Police Report Blames Gabriel Aubry For Bust-Up With Olivier Martinez (Halle Berry’s Man)

Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry might have come off worse in his fight against Olivier Martinez and he might be claiming that he was the victim in the brawl but the police report pertaining to the incident suggests otherwise. TMZ have obtained a copy of the report and frankly, it doesn’t look good for Aubry and we’re not sure if he’ll be able to overturn the report. Luckily for him, though, the cops have decided against pressing charges, so he can walk away scot-free. Well, apart from his bust-up face, which is looking pretty nasty.

The report in question reads “Suspect [Gabriel] arrived at victim's [Olivier] residence for child custody exchange. Suspect and victim engaged in verbal altercation. Suspect became upset and attempted to punch victim's head but missed and struck victim's right shoulder instead. Victim returned with 3 punches to the suspect's head, causing him to fall to the ground. Victim's fiance [Halle] notified police.”

Not looking good for Gabriel’s rep, really, even if he won’t find himself on the receiving end of a criminal charge. However, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Halle Berry (Gabriel’s ex, Olivier’s fiancée) will be able to reach any kind of amicable agreement regarding the custody of their daughter Nahla. They’ve already been through one court trial and this isn’t the first time that Gabriel’s temper has been an issue.

A Week In News Feat: Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez, Chris Brown, Angus T. Jones, Rihanna, Adele, Brad Pitt And More!

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez Chris Brown Angus T. Jones Rihanna Adele Brad Pitt

Gabriel Aubry Injuries

Wild Berries: Halle Berry had her Thanksgiving pretty much ruined last week by boyfriend Olivier Martinez and ex-beau Gabriel Aubry, who thought it a decent idea to start punching the lights out of each another on the actress' driveway. Luckily, police are unlikely to take their investigation further, which is probably in everyone's best interest.

Jenny Takes Brown Down? Plucky TV personality Jenny Johnson took Chris Brown to task on Twitter this week in a pretty humorous exchange of tweets. Most gave the Emmy winner the edge in the cyber-battle and Brown subsequently shut down his profile page!

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Cheer Up Gabriel Aubry, At Least You're Not Getting Charged

Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry is probably feeling pretty good about himself today. Sure, he still can't open his right eye after an epic beat-down at the hands of Olivier Martinez, but at least he isn't getting charged for the fight!

This is all a little confusing. Looking at both men post-fight, you'd probably assume Martinez was the aggressor and that he should be the one that police investigate. Well, you'd definitely think that. But it turns out the French actor made a citizen's arrest against Gabriel at Halle Berry's home after the supermodel starting getting aggressive. At which point Martinez beat the living daylights out of Aubry, we're still not really sure.

But anyway, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.com that the case will be sent to the L.A. City Attorney's Office on Thursday (November 29, 2012), but that cops will not make a recommendation as to whether Aubry should be prosecuted. The consensus appears to be that the fight was "mutual combat" - which sounds like an early 1990s Nintendo game - and that charges will be "highly unlikely." 

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Worst Celebrity Custody Disputes: Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Vs. Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry's current fiancee, Olivier Martinez, and he ex-beau and father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry had an enormous fight last Thursday (22nd Nov. 2012), Thanksgiving, of all days, which left both men in hospital and later in the police station. Furthermore, since then, both parties having taken out protective restraining orders against each other and each are waging entirely different stories against one another. 

TMZ broke photos of Aubry's face which really has been beaten to a pulp. Ironically, this entire dispute is in aid of love for Nahla, Halle's daughter. Halle had been trying to get full custody of their daughter, wanting to emigrate to Paris with Martinez. Naturally, the father, Aubry, was having none of it and the court granted in favour of Aubry, ordering that Nahla had to keep residence in the USA. 

Halle Berry isn't the first celebrity to have a very public and very messy custody battle. Back in 2006 when Britney Spears had her 'wobble' she and her then husband Kevin Federline had an enormous dispute over their two boys, which unusually lead to the father, Federline, having full custody. Not in the least surprising given Britney's behaviour at the time. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's custody battle was also bloody, as Pam accused Lee of being an abusive drunk and that he knowingly gave her Hep C, which remains unproven. Earlier this year Kelly Rutherford, of Gossip Girl fame, had her children taken from her as her ex Daniel Giersch was given custody and took her children to France where he lives, as ABC reported at the time.

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Gabriel Aubry Versus Olivier Martinez: Can You Guess Who Won Now?

Gabriel Aubry Halle Berry Olivier Martinez

Gabriel Aubry definitely did not win his Thanksgiving Day fight with Halle Berry's current boyfriend Olivier Martinez, that's for sure. Though early reports suggested a pretty equal battle - with Aubry said to have landed a couple of blows before the Frenchman pinned him to the floor - the police photographs taken after the brawl suggest a whole different story.

Aubry, 37, the father of Berry's 4-year-old daughter Nahla, has been granted a restraining order against Martinez after claiming the actor threatened him outside Nahla's school. The order forbids the actor from going within 100 yards of Aubry, his home, his workplace or his daughter's school until a court hearing on December 17, 2012. The two men began fighting outside Berry's home after the male supermodel had dropped off Nahla. He was later taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles with fractured ribs and bruising to his face, reports the Associated Press. Aubry claims Martinez was the aggressor in the battle, punching and kicking him in the driveway of Berry's home while shouting "You cost us $3 million!" (a reference to a recent court case regarding Nahla). Images of Aubry obtained by TMZ.com appear to corroborate his story, showing the model's serious facial injuries. His bruised and swollen left eye is complete shut, while his right eye is similarly bruised and cut. "Halle hasn't had a perfect string of relationships. She's dealt with domestic issues in the past," said Joey Bartolomeo of People magazine, "It's just sad to see this whole situation turn violent. Everyone is just hoping they can come to terms with this and get along because, obviously, there's a child involved in this.When you see the pictures, it was clear this was not just a small altercation."

Halle Berry's representative is yet to comment on the altercation, while recent snaps of Martinez show him with bruising and cuts on his knuckles. 

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Tables Turn On Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez And Halle Berry Bust-Up

Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez Halle Berry

Are the tables starting to turn on the Gabriel Aubry / Olivier Martinez Thanksgiving bust-up story? Until now, it was widely believed that Aubry was at the cause of the violent scuffle, which took place at Halle Berry’s place (Martinez is her fiancée) when Aubry (her ex) dropped off Nahla (their daughter). Yesterday (November 26, 2012), photos emerged of Gabriel sporting a black eye, but sympathy for the actor was limited.

New York Daily News, however, have now reported that all may not be as it seems. According to their report, published yesterday it was Martinez that threw the first punch, after accusing Aubry of costing him & Halle $3 million. That lost sum was due to a court case filed by Berry and Martinez, in a bid to take Nahla to live with them in France. Aubry opposed the move and was successful in getting the judge to reject the proposal after a 19 day trial in September. Repotrtedly, Martinez said to Aubry in the scuffle. “When you see the judge, you’re going to tell him you’re going to Paris or I’m going to kill you. You're going to Paris, you're going to get your $20 grand a month in child support. I’m not just some f---ing actor. You don’t know me.”

Martinez placed Aubry under citizen’s arrest and he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery, before being released on bail. However, Aubry begged police to check the CCTV cameras, though NYDN report that the cameras had been moved, so it wasn’t caught on tape. Aubry has now filed a restraining order against Martinez. So perhaps it’s not all as clear cut as we thought.

Halle Berry's Strife: One Family, Two Restraining Orders.

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry

Last week Halle Berry's fiancee (Olivier Martinez) and ex-partner (Gabriel Aubry), the father of her daughter Nahla, had a massive fight which left both men in hospital, and briefly in jail. The following day it was reported that Halle had been granted an emergency order to keep Aubry away from Halle, Nahla and Martinez. However, now Aubry has had the chance to defend himself, paint his own picture of events, and has in fact also taken out a restraining order against Martinez, according to TMZ.

The site reports that, apparently, the day before the fight when both men were at Nahla's school for her play, Martinez had whispered an unnerving message to Aubry. "I wish I could beat the s**t out of you right now. You're lucky we're in a school right now. We're going to take Nahla right now and you're not going to follow us." Apparently, this intent was followed up the following day when Aubry was dropping Nahla off with Berry, as Martinez allegedly jumped on Aubry, and beat him to the ground.

The cause of the attack, according to Aubry, is that Martinez was furious about it costing $3m in legal fees trying to get full custody of Nahla, only for the case to fail and for there to be a 50/50 shared custody of their daughter. Berry and Martinez had tried to get full custody in order to relocate to Paris, a failed venture. Aubry's injuries inflicted by Martinez have been described as 'brutal'. While all of this goes on, Nahla is hopefully being kept unaware. The irony is that she's loved by three parents rather than just two, all of whom have a very strange way of showing it. 

Thanksgiving Brawl Leaves Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's Ex) With Black Eye

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez

Been wondering how Gabriel Aubry’s bearing up after he got smacked in the face by Olivier Martinez last week (in retaliation, we might add)? Well, wonder no longer. He’s looking pretty rough. Halle Berry’s ex has been papped, following his shameful bout of Thanksgiving fisticuffs with Martinez, who is Berry’s current beau. The Canadian model probably won’t be getting any modelling jobs any time soon, with the shiner that he’s sporting in E! Online’s photo of him.

Martinez reportedly escaped from the brawl with a bruised, swollen hand and Halle is said to be moving swiftly on getting an extension on the temporary restraining order that has been placed on Gabriel. The bust-up happened on Thanksgiving Day, of all days, when Gabriel was returning his daughter Nahla, to her mother (Halle Berry)’s home when Olivier reportedly told him that they needed to “move on,” presumably referring to the on-going problems that they have been having regarding custody of Nahla and Halle’s reported plans to move to France with Olivier. Gabriel didn’t take kindly to the suggestion of moving on and clocked Olivier whilst Nahla was present, though he missed his face. Olivier replied with a smack to the face, resulting in Gabriel’s bruiser.

Aubry was arrested and charged with battery but was released on $20,000 bail. He will now have to appear in court on December 13, 2012 to defend his actions. None of which is looking good in his attempts to regain custody of Nahla.

Will Halle Berry Get Long-Term Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry

“We have to move on.” These, it would seem, were the words – spoken by Halle Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez – that caused her ex-partner Gabriel Aubry to fly into a rage and assault Martinez at their home on Thanksgiving Day.

TMZ first reported on the incident and now they’ve learned that Halle is taking no chances and will be going to court early this week, to instigate a restraining order against Aubry, the father of her four year-old daughter Nahla.

Sources have told TMZ that Halle is alarmed about Gabriel starting a fight with Olivier right in front of Nahla. A judge issued an emergency protection order against Gabriel, which prevents him from getting any closer than 200 yards to Halle, but that will expire on Tuesday and it seems that the Oscar-winning actress wishes for more permanent measures to be put in place. Halle Berry’s lawyers will reportedly be in a family court as soon as possible, asking for an extension to be placed on the order, for “an indefinite period of time.”

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Halle Berry Fight Lands Ex In Jail

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry may not have been directly involved in it, buy its her name that will get dragged through the mud the most as a result of the brawl involving her ex Gabriel Aubry and her current fiance Olivier Martinez over Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday (Nov 22).

The father of Halle's daughter, Nahla, Canadian model Gabriel, and her current beau became involved in a fist-fight after an argument between the two got a little more heated than expected. According to TMZ the altercation took place in the driveway of Berry's home, when Aubry first threw a few punches at Martinez, however Martinez was the one who came out on top and eventually pinned him to the ground until police arrived. Aubry was then placed in police custody until being bailed out later in the evening. 

The pair were both taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles to receive treatment for their relatively minor injuries shortly after the brawl and TMZ report Aubry has had  an emergency protective order placed against him that forbids him from coming within at least 100 yards from Berry, their daughter and Martinez.

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A Bad Thanksgiving For Halle Berry's Boys

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez

When Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, dropped their daughter Nahla back to the actress's home no one quite expected what an explosive task it would be. 

Custodian battles are always fierce, personal and unpleasant, and though all families try to avoid it, all too often battles in the court room manage to find their way into  reality. That's what happened yesterday when Aubry and Halle's new fiancée ended up in a fight, reportedly over the custody of Nahla, whom Berry wants to relocate to France with herself and Martinez, who is French. 

Aubry really seems to have done the worst out of the whole debacle. TMZ report that he's broken a rib, 'contusions to the face' and potentially some pretty serious head injuries, and to adult insult to those injuries, he was also arrested and released on a $20,000 bail. Whereas Martinez walked away with a swollen hand and neck injuries. The worst part of the whole ordeal for Aubry is that a judge ordered an emergency protective order which means that he can't come within 100yards of Martinez, Berry, or his daughter Nahla. This may really stand against him when the question of custody comes up again in court. 

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Halle Berry's Ex Takes A Beating From Olivier Martinez, And Gets Charged For It Too!

Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry Halle Berry

Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry apparently came to blows over Thanksgiving dinner at Halle Berry's home yesterday (Nov 22), with the two love rivals playing fisticuffs with each other after a heated argument got nasty.

According to TMZ, it was Aubry, Halle's ex and father to their daughter Nahla who threw the first punches of the night, but it was still he who ended up geting knocked out cold (depending on who you believe) and Aubry who got to spend the rest of Thanksgiving in police company. Although it still being disputed as to whether Gabriel was in fact knocked out, we do know that he suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury. Meanwhile, Olivier may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries, but still emerged victorious.

Olivier then made a citizen's arrest against Gabriel, pinning him to the ground until police arrived. Gabriel was escorted to the local ER and only a few hours later was joined by Olivier, who get his injuries treated just down the hall from where Gabriel was. As of now, Gabriel has been released from police custody, having had his bail set at $20,000 only a few moments before.

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Fight Night: Olivier Martinez Leaves Gabriel Aubry Unconscious At Halle Berry's Home?

Olivier Martinez Gabriel Aubry Halle Berry

Wow, Halle Berry certainly had an eventful thanksgiving. The Hollywood star was forced to stand back and watch as the father of her child Gabriel Aubry brawled with current squeeze Olivier Martinez at her Los Angeles home. Aubry was arrested on Thursday morning (November 22, 2012), while French actor Martinez was hospitalized. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ.com that Gabriel showed up at Berry's house with daughter Nahla for a standard custodial hand-off. The model was still on the driveway when Martinez walked up to him and said "We have to move on." According to eyewitnesses, Gabriel pushed Olivier before trying to punch him in the face. The Frenchman blocked the swipe before Aubry pushed him to the ground and hit him in the head. The tussle ended with Martinez gaining the upper hand and pinning Gabriel to the ground. The male supermodel suffered a broken rib and contusions to his face while Olivier was left with a broken hand and neck injuries. Some reports suggest Martinez knocked Aubry unconscious in the fight, though it was the model who was arrested. Both ended up in ER at the same time, getting treatment just down the hall from each other!

Sources say a judge has issued an emergency protective order which requires Aubry to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier and Nahla. Less than 24 hours before the brawl, Gabriel was seen out with Nahla at The Grove shopping complex, catching a movie. Perhaps it was Rocky. The bloody fight caps a year of legal battles between Berry and Nahla regarding the custody of their daughter. 

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Movie 43 Trailer

If you were hoping for a romantic comedy with a harmless storyline, romance and inoffensive jokes, the here's a warning: read no further. 'Movie 43' is one of the most cringe-worthy and uncensored taboo-filled flicks to be released in the history of comedy. Here you will see several interlinked stories with characters' lives surrounding unusual proposals, interrupting blind kids' parties, bad parenting, teenage menstruation, a confused and slightly racist basketball coach, innovative business ideas and the kidnapping of a violent leprechaun. Once you see this movie it is unlikely you will find a subject that offends you ever again.

With twelve different comedy genius directors including Peter Farrelly ('Dumb & Dumber', 'There's Something About Mary', 'Shallow Hal'), Steve Carr ('Daddy Day Care', 'Dr Dolittle 2'), Steven Brill ('Little Nicky') and Brett Ratner ('Rush Hour') to name but a few and eight different writers, this jaw-droppingly crude and often obscene movie features a diverse star-studded cast, both British and American, who have banded together to shock you in the most hilarious ways you can think of. Whatever kind of comedy you're into, 'Movie 43' probably has something in it for everyone and it is set to hit the big screen on February 1st 2012.

Directed by : Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Peter Farrelly, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Jonathan van Tulleken

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U.S Box Office Roundup: Argo Takes The Weekend In Third Week

Ben Affleck Tom Hanks Halle Berry

Ben Affleck's Argo has clambered atop the Box Office peak this weekend on its third week. A reinterpretation of the 1980 CIA secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran, it grossed $12,085,059 with a cumulative gross of $60.5m.

In its first week, Cloud Atlas - starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry - reached the #2 spot with $9,612,247. Although not winning the weekend upon opening is considered a disappointment, experts predict it'll 'do an Argo' and prove a slow burner, despite the lukewarm response from critics. Animated Halloween treat Hotel Transylvania is still going strong in its fifth week; $9,444,014 this weekend brings its Cumulative Gross to $130.4M and lands it a #3. Another film hoping to capitalize on the annual scare-fest is the found footage horror Paranormal Activity, in the fifth incarnation of the franchise. The reviews were awful, but given the style of movie and time of year, most fans aren't looking for an art-house classic. $8,510,186 grabs it the #4 spot, while Silent Hill makes the top 5 in its first week, with $8,023,036.

The rest of the top 10 reads like a list of films simply there to make up the numbers. The widely panned thriller, Taken 2, starring Liam Neeson flaps around at #6. Here Comes The Boom, Alex Cross, Sinister and Fun Size round everything off respectively. Figures compiled using data from Yahoo Movies. We can't wait for The Master to come out. 

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Cloud Atlas: So Complicated Halle Berry And Tom Hanks Just Had To Smoke Pot

Halle Berry Tom Hanks Hugh Grant

Halle Berry stopped by Jay Leno's Tonight Show this week to talk up her new movie Cloud Atlas, an adaptation of David Mitchell's epic novel of the same name. The ambitious film - by the Wachowski's - chronicles a story across five centuries, set in six separate timelines.

One scene in the movie sees Berry's character smoking marijuana with Tom Hanks, which prompted Leno to ask the actress if she was partial to a smoke now and again. Berry claimed she was "not a pot smoker," though Leno asked "Have you smoked pot with Tom Hanks?" with Berry carefully conceding, "I smoked pot with Tom Hanks in this movie." Berry and Hanks play different characters in each setting, though each story manages to connect in innovative and magical ways. 

The film opens nationwide on Friday (October 26, 2012) and has been quietly praised by critics, though it remains to be seen whether or not it will contend for the major film awards. We predict it will get a few obligatory nods (this year's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) but won't win a thing. It stars Hugh Grant as a futuristic cannibal for god's sake.

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Cloud Atlas Is As Risky As Inception, Says Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Christopher Nolan Lilly Wachowski Halle Berry Jim Broadbent Jim Sturgess Doona Bae Zhou Xun Hugh Grant Hugo Weaving Susan Sarandon

With his upcoming film, Cloud Atlas ready for release later this month, one of the film’s stars, Tom Hanks, has alluded to the deep plotline that runs through the book adaptation and said that the film is as “risky as Inception” was when it was release in 2010.

Hanks was plugging his new film during a chat with Canadian paper The Montreal Gazette, when he brought up the Christopher Nolan film, suggesting that it was the closest thing to compare to his latest movie outing. Cloud Atlas follows the intertwining lives of a massive cast that drifts between centuries both past and present, examining the impact of fate on good and bad behaviour.

In his discussion, he not only had praises to sing for Brit-director Nolan, but also his three “bold” directors for the upcoming project; Tom Tykwer and Lana and Andy Wachowski. And if three directors were a lot to take on board, then the number of characters the actors have to transform themselves into throughout the film will take some effort to get your heads round too, with Hanks alone taking on 6 different roles.

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Britney Spears Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston At Star Studded Event

Whitney Houston Britney Spears Halle Berry Usher Jennifer Hudson

The brand new X-Factor judge, Britney Spears, attended a 'solemn' emotional tribute to Whitney Houston entirely organised and funded by the Grammys entitled “We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston” held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles this week. The esteemed guests all chose to not broach the darker sides of Houston's later life, instead opting for a celebratory slant, praising her career and achievements.

There were numerous musical tributes in the show. Usher sang 'I Believe In You and Me' and Cece Winans and Yolanda Adams gave a duet of 'Count on me'. According to NY Daily News, Houston's family broke down in tears at the gospel singers' rendition of the song. Jennifer Hudson opted for more up-beat song choices and went for a medly of How Will I Know, I'm Every Woman and I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Celine Dion was also meant to be performing but unfortunately couldn't make it. She has, however, recorded her own version of 'Greatest Love of All' but it will be included on the hour long show which will be aired on CBS in November.

Spears said that she “admired Whitney” and that it was a cover of Houston's 'I Have Nothing' that ended up winning her a record deal. Halle Berry was another guest at the event whose speech was particularly moving. She spoke of Houston's impact upon women: “She inspired a generation of little girls and women to believe in their own dream and to know that they had within themselves the greatest gift of all... I was one of those little girls who then became a woman who never ever, ever, stopped loving Whitney Houston."

Eric Stonestreet, Charlize Theron: Are They Really Dating?

Eric Stonestreet Charlize Theron Halle Berry

Eric Stonestreet, Charlize Theron? Really? The Twitter universe came alive over the weekend with rumors that the Modern Family star was dating the Hollywood beauty. The story actually began in the pages of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, which claimed “things are blossoming” between Stonestreet and Theron.

A ‘source’ told the newspaper, “Eric is down to earth and funny and Charlize thinks the world of him. It’s early days but they’re very fond of each other,” though funny-man Stonestreet quickly took to Twitter to silence the rumormongers in his own inimitable way, saying, “I wish people would stop spreading rumors that Charlize Theron and I are dating…It’s starting to make Halle Berry jealous.” The actor’s representative later issued a more formal denial of the story, telling People magazine, “There is nothing romantic going on between them. He has only met Charlize twice!” Despite Stonestreet rejecting the rumors, there was still speculation that Charlize and he would walk the red-carpet together at the 2012 Emmy Awards on Sunday.

In the end it wasn’t Theron – or Halle Berry for that matter – who accompanied the actor to the Emmys. Before the show, he tweeted, “Today I’m taking my best friend Paul to the Emmys. He dared me to audition for the first play I ever did.”

Cloud Atlas Trailer

'Cloud Atlas' is the story of how the separate lives of individuals and their actions affect each other through time. It explores a variety of different themes making it difficult to be pigeon-holed into a particular genre; action, romance and drama create the twists and turns that can change a human being from being a violent killer to being a compassionate hero. This tale explores how one act of basic humanity can influence a revolution centuries into the future.

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New Year's Eve Review

The team that made the thin-but-enjoyable Valentine's Day in 2010 reunites for another massively overextended rom-com with a remarkable A-list ensemble. But this time the stories and filmmaking overdose on ill-conceived schmaltz.

As the countdown to 2012 begins, an executive (Swank) is frazzled about a technical glitch in the iconic Time's Square ball-drop. Meanwhile, a courier (Efron) is trying to help a frumpy secretary (Pfeiffer) achieve her dreams. A chef (Heigl) is catering a glittering event while trying to avoid her rock star ex (Bon Jovi), whose back-up singer (Michele) is stuck in a lift with a lovelorn slacker (Kutcher). A mother (Parker) is worried about her teen daughter (Breslin). And a tuxedoed millionaire (Duhamel) is trying to get to an important event in the city.

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Video - Halle Berry - Making Of Commercial For German Shoe Giant Deichmann, Pt.1

Actress Halle Berry (Catwoman; Die Another Day; X-Men) talks with Deichmann's marketing head Andreas Conze about her upcoming shoe collection in Berlin. She is secretly shooting a commercial for German shoe retail chain Deichmann in Tempelhof.

Halle is going to be Deichmann's new spokesperson in Europe and even has her own (and first) shoe collection called '5th Avenue by Halle Berry'. She helped design 40 different pairs of shoes for the German company which will arrive in stores in 21 European countries on March 5th 2012

Video - Halle Berry Announced As New Deichmann Spokesperson

Actress Halle Berry (Die Another Day; New Year's Eve; Robots) talks to Deichmann's marketing head Andreas Conze about her upcoming debut shoe collection. She is shooting a commercial for her range of shoes with the chain, which will be arriving in shops in 21 European countries in March 2012. She also announced that she was the new spokesperson for Deichmann.

Halle follows in the footsteps of Pussycat Dolls, Sugababes and Cindy Crawford, who have all had their own shoe collections in recent years

Video - Halle Berry Enjoys Shoe Photoshoot

Halle Berry promotes her first shoe collection in a new photoshoot. The Catwoman actress shows off her new range of heels while posing for photos. As music plays in the background, the actress poses with a smile on her face, looking like she is enjoying every minute of the photoshoot.

To accompany the photos, Halle also shot a commercial for German TV, in which are interspersed clips of her talking about her inspiration for designing the shoes. They will appear in shops in 21 European countries in March 2012

Video - Halle Berry's German Shoe Collection

Halle Berry shoots a commercial for German shoe chain Deichmann to promote her upcoming debut shoe collection, 5th Avenue by Halle Berry. The commercial shows her photoshoot and her interview with the head of the company Andreas Conze.

The advert describes Halle as the 'James Bond super girl' and references her 2008 win of Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive. Halle reveals how her collection 'speaks to her love of shoes.' 5th Avenue by Halle Berry will arrive in shops in 21 European countries in March 2012

New Year's Eve Trailer

On New Year's Eve, there is no better place to be than New York. All over the city, thousands are preparing for the most magical night of the year.

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Video - Halle Berry Grocery Shopping At Bristol Farms In Beverly Hills

Halle Berry grocery shopping at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. Academy Award winning American actress and former fashion model Halle Berry takes her white Lexus shopping at Bristol Farms, probably one of the best grocery stores in Los Angeles famous for it's exceptional food products

Video - Halle Berry Takes Her Daughter Nahla To Play In Coldwater Park

Halle Berry takes her daughter Nahla to play in Coldwater Park

X-Men Review

Well, comic book freaks can take a breather, as another sci-fi fantasy hits the big screen, this time in the long-awaited, highly-anticipated, it-better-be-good X-Men.

Without too much regret, I can say that X-Men will be palatable to fans and newbies alike. It's not a great film, but it will probably follow the arc of the Superman and Batman movies -- tons of sequels of variable quality until an abrupt and dismal end a decade later.

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The Flintstones Review

As asinine as Hollywood gets, only destined to see at least one sequel. Goodman gets Fred right, all the way down to the tiptoe bowling approach... but to what end? A silly plot about fraud at "The Quarry"? A fitting denoument to Liz Taylor's career...

Robots Review

The 1995 release of Pixar's Toy Story forever altered the world of animated cinema. In an instant, decades of Disney-dominated traditional cartoons vanished in a pixilated puff of fairy dust and a new era of almost entirely computer-generated animation began. The ensuing wave of digital films has met with such astonishing box-office success that even such forgettable romps as Chris Wedge's Ice Age have managed to top the earnings charts in their opening weeks.

But things are changing in the animation scene. The freshness of CG has worn away, and audiences are no longer wowed by flashy technology alone. Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles has raised the bar on both animation excellence and story-telling savvy to a level that will be hard to top in coming years. If such early hits as Toy Story or Antz premiered today, it's unlikely they would wow the crowds nearly as much as they did on their initial releases. It's a tough time to be an animated film.

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The Rich Man's Wife Review

There are a couple of rules inherent to the thriller that any filmmaker should be aware of. First, you have to keep the pace moving so fast that the audience doesn't have time to think about whodunit. And second, if you kill off most of the cast, whoever's left alive at the end of the movie is the one who did the killing.

The Rich Man's Wife blindly ignores both of these rules, but still manages to float, thanks to a united effort by an exceptional cast and exquisite production values. Amy Holden Jones directs her own screenplay here, a modern-day reworking of Hitchcock's masterful Strangers on a Train.

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Die Another Day Review


Until director Lee Tamahori blasts right past a perfectly good ending, only to burn a superfluous 20 minutes on an all-action, all-gimmick epilogue that leaks suspension of disbelief like a sieve, "Die Another Day" is as stimulating and heart-rate-raising as any James Bond thriller.

It has fresh new stunts (Bond goes surfin' surfin' MI6) set to energetic renditions of the Bond theme. It has an exhilarating sword fight (things get out of hand at a fencing club) and an awesome gadget car chase across a vast frozen inlet in Iceland (Bond drives an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish with missiles, pop-up machine guns, ejector seat and invisibility). It has a slithering, credibly psychotic bad guy (Toby Stephens, "Possession") who literally never sleeps, and a henchman (Rick Yune, "The Fast and the Furious") whose face is scarred by diamonds that became embedded in his skin when Bond almost blew him up with a briefcase full of jewels and C-4.

"Die Another Day" also has a modicum of success updating the series' style (slick, kinetic cinematography with swing-perspective camera tricks works well but virtual reality sequences and rock tunes on the soundtrack do not), and it takes risks with 007's invincible image. Bond is captured in the film's requisite action-packed pre-credits sequence and his torture by North Korean interrogators is blended into the sexy title song (a throwaway rave-mix tune from Madonna).

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Swordfish Review


Director Dominic Sena seems to fancy himself some kind of John Woo Jr. But John Woo ("The Killer," "Hard Boiled" and more recently "Face/Off" and "M:I-2") is an action genius who has a gift for turning gun battles into ballet and explosions into art.

Sena ("Gone in 60 Seconds") couldn't care less about art as long as his computer-enhanced mega-blasts are as big, as orange, as slow-motion and as debris-filled as possible. And if he can throw in an innocent hostage being blown apart, so much the better.

After beginning with an ironic but incredibly smug speech by film buff bad guy John Travolta about how Hollywood makes such crappy movies, the opening sequence of "Swordfish" fulfills all Sena's high-gloss, low-brow requirements -- pretty much proving Travolta's point.

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Gothika Review


If only screenwriter Sebastian Gutierrez had put as much effort into story logic and credible characters as director Mathieu Kassovitz puts into generating seat-grabbing goosebumps in "Gothika," the wannabe-cerebral supernatural horror thriller might have had more going for it than just a few good shudders and jumps.

The first above-the-title starring vehicle for 2002 Oscar winner Halle Berry -- playing a criminal psychologist who blacks out after a car accident and wakes up in her own prison asylum, accused of axe-murdering her husband -- the film begins with a strike against it for its laughable attempts at evocative dialogue in the opening-scene rantings of a wild-eyed inmate (Penelope Cruz).

"He opened me like a flower of pain...and it felt goooood," the pretty Spaniard flares, all dowdied-down in Serious Actress Mode. "(Then) I cut his Adam's apple in half like a soft fruit on a summer day."

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Wesley Snipes Accused Of Beating Halle Berry

Wesley Snipes Halle Berry Christopher Williams

Wesley Snipes, the actor famously behind the 'Blade' franchise, has been accused of beating Halle Berry during their relationship and causing her to lose hearing in her right ear. The accusation came from R&B singer Christopher Williams who also dated Berry, after he became upset by the number of people who assumed that he was to blame for the abuse. 

In an interview with EURWEB, Williams stated "The stuff they wrote about (me) and Halle was totally false. They said something like I busted her eardrum, and I'm tired of it. I never said it (before) but I'm so tired of people thinking I'm the guy (who did it). Wesley Snipes busted her eardrum, not me."

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