Hailee Steinfeld wants to get in a ''consistent rhythm'' of releasing music.

The 23-year-old singer and actress is set to unveil her EP, 'Half Written Story Part 1', shortly and now wants to keep the focus on her music as well as her film career.

She said: ''I've wanted to get into a consistent rhythm of releasing music as an artist for years. But my acting career takes me out of the game for three to six months at a time. It's been hard to get writing and recording done at the same time, but we are learning it can be done. It's tough but I am excited to get into that rhythm. I feel I'm finding my footing as an artist and I'm excited about this project.''

And as part of the EP, Hailee is covering Annie Lennox's 1995 track 'No More I Love You's' and she feels ''honoured'' to have covered it.

She added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''The concept of 'No More I Love You's was something I told myself when I realised I needed to cut out distractions from life so I could solely focus on myself. I needed to reflect and appreciate who I am, who I have become and the work I have done - whether in my career or in relationships. A lot of the time, I'd find distractions.

''I wanted something to take away the pain I was feeling. I realised I needed to change certain aspects of my life, and this is when 'No More I Love You's' came into my brain. I loved the Annie Lennox song and I feel so honoured to have covered it. It's iconic - special and so memorable. It's a song that incorporates a different world and generation, but I've made it my own by putting my own spin on it.''