Hailee Steinfeld thinks of Taylor Swift as a big sister.

The 16-year-old actress admits she's developed a sibling-like bond with the 23-year-old singer after meeting her a few years ago, and she's confident that she can pick up the phone and ring her, regardless of what country she is in, and she'll offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''We connected a few years ago; she's like a big sister to me. She's the best listener. I feel like I can call or text her wherever she is in the world and she'll always be there.''

Meanwhile, the 'Romeo & Juliet' actress previously said she was struggling to deal with fame after being thrown into the adult world of Hollywood, but credits her parents for helping her to cope.

She said: ''For teenagers - and I mainly speak for myself on this one - you're put into this adult world and it's scary as anything can happen at any moment, but I'm just thankful my parents have raised me the way they have. I feel really confident just being me. I think a lot of the young actresses out there are the same - they've got really good backgrounds and families. We're just doing what we love and we're only doing it for that reason.''