Hailee Steinfeld finds kissing scenes ''awkward''.

The 'Romeo and Juliet' actress stars opposite Douglas Booth in the new adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic tragedy, and she admitted both dying and locking lips on screen were challenging in different ways.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, she said: ''This movie had my first dying scene, which was pretty intense ... [And the kissing scenes were] awkward, because you have to forget that there are 10 or 15 people standing watching you. It was embarrassing.''

The 16-year-old star's experience on the set was made easier by Douglas, 21, and the pair ''had a connection'' from their first reading together.

Hailee had a strong say in who was cast opposite her in the movie, and she explained her choice was made easy because his good looks and talent made him ''perfect'' for the part.

She added: ''I read with Douglas in London and we had a connection that really worked. Of course he is very good looking, but he's also so talented and sweet - the perfect Romeo.''

Although it could have been awkward, the couple embraced the filming - which began with the piece's iconic balcony scene.

Haliee revealed: ''We started with the balcony scene. 'Hey nice to meet you, balcony. Let's go.' But Douglas and I jumped right in.''