Hailee Steinfeld is learning how to ''be honest and realistic'' with herself.

The 23-year-old singer and actress has said she sometimes ''ignores'' things that ''aren't necessarily right'' in relationships, but is doing her best to change her ways and ''trust [her] instincts'' in order to save herself from heartbreak.

She said: ''I guess I just learned how important it is to be honest and realistic with yourself. I've been in situations [where] I will choose to ignore certain things deep down that aren't necessarily right or don't make me feel the way I know I deserve or should feel. And then beyond that you start to sort of try and find things that can distract you from the pain that you're feeling. I guess it's just I've learned not to ignore that and trust your instincts and trust yourself and that it's OK to feel what you're feeling.''

Hailee - who previously dated Niall Horan - is also beginning to discover that ''every love is different''.

She added: ''Every love is different. Every relationship is different and sometimes a person is a certain way in a relationship versus outside of that relationship. And sometimes you get to know both sides of that person.''

And although she's working on finding self-love, the 'Bumblebee' star is still open to finding love again.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''Wild as love can be, it is pretty awesome. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily looking. I always think that - and at least in my life it's proven to be true more than once - that it kinda comes when you're not looking for it, you know?

''But as far as, like, having a guard up and I think that's always been the kind of person I am and have been forever with any relationship. I think any time you experience sort of pain or or hurt or something from a certain situation going into it again, you've got a guard up, so I've definitely been the type of person to always have one up. But yeah, maybe more so now, but I don't know. There will be somebody that comes along that knocks it down.''