Hailee Steinfeld has kept tight-lipped on rumours that she could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 23-year-old actress was reportedly offered the role of Kate Bishop in a potential Disney+ 'Hawkeye' series last year, but remained coy when asked about the potential part.

When asked about the role in an interview with SiriusXM on Wednesday (06.05.20), Hailee joked: ''Did the connection get a little funky?''

The 'Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse' star dodged questions on 'Hawkeye' by suggesting she was focusing on her singing career.

Hailee said: ''Right now, I will tell you, that music is where my head is at.

''It's what I'm focused on. I'm excited to have this time that we've been given to focus on that.''

Hailee also played the role of Charlie Watson in the 'Transformers' prequel 'Bumblebee' and director Travis Knight was desperate to cast her in the movie.

He said: ''I said to Paramount that Hailee Steinfeld has to be Charlie just because she's so damn good. I knew it was going to be a challenge for any actor, so you had to get a great one.''

Travis believed that Hailee's performance in the movie - in which Charlie befriends Bumblebee - was ''extraordinary'' as her robot companion was added through CGI, meaning that she was acting alone throughout the project.

The 46-year-old director said: ''Most of those scenes, she's acting against vapour. Either there's nothing there or there's a stuffy, a tennis ball or some kind of a foam, plastic bust thingy. So, for her to give that kind of a performance with that kind of depth and nuance, it really is extraordinary.''