Hailee Steinfeld can't imagine having kids yet.

The 16-year-old actress is determined to act her age despite a successful film career - including an Academy Award nomination aged just 14 for her performance in 'True Grit' - and insists children aren't on the cards for years yet.

Asked how she pictures her future, Hailee said: ''Being happy, with lots more films to come. And then, who knows... love, children. But I still feel a child myself, so I can't imagine having my own children just yet!''

The actress quit school at a young age to pursue her childhood dream of acting and thinks it's more worthwhile to spend her timing learning about the movie industry than arithmetic.

Hailee said: ''I loved going to school, but I love acting more. I chose to have private tutors as it allows me to travel and meet to so many amazing people, doing what I love. They're choices and I'm happy with that.

''Sometimes I think I'm a workaholic, but this is the time to be studying and learning. This is what I am passionate about, after all.''

The brunette insists her showbiz peers - who include Elle Fanning and Chloe Grace Moretz - are just the same as her old friends back home.

She insisted to Grazia magazine: ''We may be famous actors but we are just teenagers after all.''