Review of Coup De Theatre Album by Haiku De Tat

Haiku De’Tat

Haiku De’Tat - Coup De Theatre - Album Review

Haiku De’Tat

Coup De Theatre

Aceyalone, Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude make up Haiku De’Tat. They are all craftsmen in their own rights. Coming together to create Haiku De’Tat makes for a sensational experience musically and creatively. They are artists with a purpose to push boundaries and their hard work is evident throughout the album. These guys are expert MC’s trying new things. They have 100% character and personality. Their flow is relentless and they make it seem effortless. Their tone is smooth and rich in soul. The lyrics are positive, uplifting and conscience.

Haiku DeTat - Coup De Theatre - Album Review

The music is awesome. It has all sorts of jazz, funk, hip hop sounds with a real mix or either laid back beats or upbeat fast rhythms. It’s theatrical in some parts. It makes for a new cool sound that mixes well with the vocals. It all very arty, original and creative from a hip hop sense. It’s gonna appeal to the music lover, the sophisticated individual not the ‘thug’ lover. It has loads of crossover potential and students and trendy people should surely pick up this album. These guys are pushing the boundaries and if you’ve ever been into black music this is an album to fit in the collection. MC’s beware.

Tareck Ghoneim