Gwyneth Paltrow's 'The Goop Lab' has been renewed for a second season by Netflix.

The docuseries is based on the actress' lifestyle and wellness brand, and it has reportedly been given the green light for a second series by the streaming giant.

'The Goop Lab' will be returning to the platform for another six, 30-minute episodes, according to Variety, which says production work on the new series has yet to begin.

The show focuses on the issues of sex, intimacy and female empowerment, and although it's poised to return for another season, Netflix has not yet announced a release date.

Gwyneth, 47 - who launched the Goop brand in 2008 - is also expected to return as one of the show's hosts and executive producers.

The first season of 'The Goop Lab' proved to be divisive among fans and critics, but the Hollywood star previously launched a staunch defence of the show.

Speaking earlier this year, Gwyneth said: ''I will never understand the level of fascination and projection. But we don't want to not change the conversation just to please everybody.

''We do what we do in total integrity, and we love what we do.''

Despite this, Gwyneth acknowledged that Goop has become a polarising brand in recent years.

She said: ''What I think is great is that we are a brand that people feel strongly about. One way or the other.''

The movie star also admitted she relished the experience of making the show.

Gwyneth explained: ''It's so bizarre, and so different. Normally someone hands me something and tells me what I'm playing.

''This was from our imaginations and what inspires us, and what we hope to learn more about. It's been a pretty cool experience.''