Still fresh from Iron Man 3, Gwyneth Paltrow is starring in another film this year – the dramedy Thanks for Sharing, centered around the struggles of a group of sex addicts. It’s quite appropriate then that the trailer features Paltrow showing off the results of that organic/vegan/gluten-free lifestyle, by stripping down to some black lingerie. It’s all kept firmly PG, of course.

Watch the Thanks for Sharing trailer below.

The film also features Mark Ruffalo as Sex Addict No. 1, Josh Gad (also starring in Jobs this year) and Alecia Moore (you may know her as Pink) as numbers two and three. Unlike 2011’s Shame, which dealt with the same sort of subject matter, Thanks for Sharing will treat it with a lot more humor, which we’ve come to expect from any Will Gluck movie (Easy A, Friends with Benefits) at this point.

Mark Ruffalo, Now You See Me premiere
Ruffalo teams up with Paltrow for the second time, after The Avengers.

Though it won’t be all gags and cheap thrills at the expense of a real, serious condition. The trailer does hint at a lot of the struggles that Ruffalo, Gad and Moore’s characters go through, as well as the friendship aspect, involved in overcoming them. As for the addiction itself, Paltrow commented in an interview with The Globe and Mail at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. “Actually, it’s a real pathology,’’ Palrow explained. “And it was interesting to learn about it and see what the behavior is.” Not just an excuse for cheating spouses then.

Gwyneth Paltrow, London
Sex addiction is a serious condition, says Paltrow.