Gwyneth Paltrow refuses to star in kids' movies, just so her two young children can see their mum on the big screen.
The Iron Man actress and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, are devoted parents to daughter Apple, five, and son Moses, three - but Paltrow insists she has no interest in taking on family-friendly films just to please her little ones.
She explains, "I don't think I will start looking for projects the kids can watch. I feel like I give them so much time at home and I work so little and I give everything I have to them.
"I feel like when I work that is my time to express myself and to be creative and to really delve into somebody else's mind, heart and psyche. That is my thing. I do it once a year - maybe only for a few weeks but it can be as R-rated (adult) or not as I want it to be."