Gwyneth Paltrow finds it "funny" to think of the criticism she received for launching her own wellness brand.

The Oscar-winning star founded Goop - her wellness and lifestyle company - back in 2008, and she now finds it funny to think of "how mean people were" about the venture at the time.

Gwyneth, 51, told Sky News: "I think it's actually funny at this point, you know, when I look back and I think about how mean people were about a number of things.

"We always just talked about things early. I think there is maybe a satisfaction, to know that, not to be glib, but just to know that I was on to something, my instincts were right. And I think it's reaffirming, for myself, and going forward … if I really believe in something and I think it's interesting and I think people might want to know about it, I'm happy to share about it."

Gwyneth has enjoyed huge success with her Goop brand.

The movie star has learned the value of "not being afraid to ask questions" during her business career.

Gwyneth - who has stepped back from acting to focus on her business ventures in recent years - explained: "When I was starting, I was so aware of everything I didn't know and it made me feel self-conscious and insecure. I wish I had asked questions with more frequency earlier.

"There was a period of time, when I started learning about e-commerce and operating an e-commerce business, I would have to Google under the table certain acronyms and stuff.

"One day I just thought, like, this is crazy. I'm not dumb, I just don't know yet. I just haven't learned. So I gave myself permission to really ask questions. And there's a vulnerability in that. But I think asking questions is the fastest way to learn and succeed."