Gwyneth Paltrow felt "upset" when Goop was compared to Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed that she hated the comparisons between her own lifestyle brand and Kourtney's Poosh, which the reality star launched in 2011.

Gwyneth, 51 - who founded her wellness brand in 2008 - told PEOPLE: "I was so upset when Poosh was launched and people were like, 'This is a ripoff of Goop'. I was like, this is so awful, and trying to pit us against one another, which is so crazy."

Gwyneth and Kourtney have actually collaborated in recent years, and the actress believes the "world is better and stronger when women are in cahoots with one another".

She added: "I feel like the patriarchy does this thing to us where they make us feel scarcity and that there's not enough for all of us to do our thing. And it's so detrimental."

Gwyneth has stepped back from acting in order to focus on various business projects in recent years.

Despite this, the Hollywood star admitted that her life is still "very intense".

Gwyneth previously told PEOPLE: "I had the erroneous idea that I would be able to downshift a little bit. But life is very full-on. It's been very intense."

Gwyneth launched good.clean.goop - a line of skincare, body care and wellness products - in 2023, and she admitted that it's been a time-consuming venture.

The actress - who is married to TV writer Brad Falchuk - shared: "We felt passionate about creating clean, efficacious products at a more accessible price for a broader audience.

"They call it 'masstige' in the industry. I love that word, between ‘mass’ and ‘prestige.’ So we set out to create this, and it’s been so much fun."