Gwyneth Paltrow knows that there can only be "so many" good superhero movies.

The 51-year-old star appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Pepper Potts but agrees with 'American Fiction' filmmaker Cord Jefferson's assertion at the Oscars that studios are wasting too much money on the genre.

Speaking on 'First We Feast's Hot Ones', Gwyneth said: "I absolutely understand where he’s coming from. You want the best chance to have a strong return on investment. People put a lot of money into these things and they want them to be profitable.

"But if I look at the industry as a whole, this big push into superhero movies … you can only make so many good ones that feel truly original, and yet they’re still always trying to reach as many people as possible, which sometimes hinders quality or specificity or real point of view.

"You get more diversity of art when there is less at stake and people can express their true voice and make a film the way they want to make it. Those are generally the more resonant ones."

The subject of 'superhero fatigue' has been discussed recently with blockbusters such as 'The Marvels' flopping at the box office but Paltrow's MCU co-star Chris Evans recently came to the defence of the genre and stressed that the films "aren't easy to make".

The Captain America actor said: "They are these big, giant movies. There’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen. But the empirical evidence is in: They are not easy to make.

"If it was easier, there would be a lot more good ones.

"I’m not throwing shade! I’ve been a part of a few that missed. It happens. Making a movie is tough. More cooks in the kitchen doesn’t make it easier."