Gwyneth Paltrow is struggling with a "deep sense of impending grief' as her son Moses prepares to leave home.

The actress' 17-year-old son - from her marriage to Coldplay's Chris Martin - will be heading off to college later this year and Gwyneth, 51, has revealed she's dreading having an empty house because her daughter Apple, 19, has already moved out and her stepson, Brody, is also going to be leaving.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "In the fall [husband] Brad [Falchuk] and I have boys that will be going off to university. It’ll be interesting to see how the morning routine changes with no kids in the house."

Gwyneth added: "On the one hand incredible sadness. A deep sense of impending grief. On the other hand this is exactly what should be happening.

"Your kids are supposed to be, you know, young adults who can achieve and cope and make connections and be resilient. That’s exactly what you want. And that means they leave the house."

She went on to insist motherhood won't be the same without her kids living at home. Gwyneth explained: "I’ve been so defined and so fulfilled by motherhood. It’s been kind of the central … it’s been like the central kind of … I don’t know even how to articulate it!

"It’s like the guiding force. It’s what I return to. I observe a lot of my friends who’ve had kids who’ve gone off to college. Your kid … it changes. And, you know, they come home a lot and all that stuff, but it’s not quite the same as living under the same roof all the days of the year. So I’m just trying to be open to what that means."

Apple moved out in 2022 and she's believed to be studying English and Law, History, and Society at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gwyneth previously described her daughter's exit as the "worst heartbreak" she's ever felt.

She told Us Weekly: "It’s been a major transition. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would be hard because Apple and I are so close and were together all the time. But I had no idea. It was like the worst heartbreak I’ve ever [felt].

"I felt like the love of my life broke up with me for weeks. It was terrible."

Gwyneth is mum to Apple and Moses with her ex Chris Martin, while she's also step-mum to husband Brad Falchuk's kids Brody, 17, and 20-year-old Isabella from a previous relationship.