Gwyneth Paltrow has been offered a role in the movie version of Broadway musical 'Rock of Ages'.

The 'Country Song' actress confessed she has received a script from director Adam Shankman and could be taking part.

She told Entertainment Weekly: "It sounds cool. I just got The Script and I will read it on the plane home tomorrow."

The film tell the story of a young couple in Los Angeles, with the story told through the medium of 80s rock music.

Tom Cruise is reported to be in negotiations for the role of bad-guy rock singer Stacee Jaxx in the film, while 'Just Fine' hitmaker Mary J. Blige is also in talks.

If Mary were to sign on it is expected she would play club owner Justice Charlier.

It is not currently known what role Gwyneth would play in the musical, which would be the third such role she has taken recently, starring as singer Kelly Canter in 'Country Song' and musically inclined teacher Holly Holliday in TV show 'Glee', a role she will reprising in 2011.