Gwyneth Paltrow takes beauty tips from her mother.

The 47-year-old actress and goop founder says she and her mom Blythe Danner, 77, both suffer from dry skin and Gwyneth has picked up Blythe's tip of wearing night cream during the day as it is more nourishing.

Speaking about the new GOOPGENES skin range, Gwyneth said: ''I got this trick from my mom - using night cream during the day; we both have dry skin. So I wanted a cream that was that nourishing, one that I could use night and day and my skin would just keep reaping the benefits. This one leaves my skin so soft that I just keep touching it all day.

''It helps with fine lines and wrinkles for sure. It's actually really a challenge to get a clean formula that's this rich and nourishing and with results like this. I love it so much.''

And actresses Gwyneth and Blythe are both beauty minimalists.

Blythe explained: ''When you're acting and on sets and people are putting stuff on you all the time, it gets boring.''

In a video chat on goop's website, filmed by her daughter Apple Martin, 16, Gwyneth added: ''I always had a very minimal routine, but I got that idea of always having moisturiser from you mom, because you have dry skin, and I have dry skin. I feel like you are so natural with stuff, like you never fussed in the bathroom. You never had a big getting-ready routine.''