Gwyneth Paltrow thinks every stage of her children's lives has been "better than the last".

The 'Iron Man' actress admitted she couldn't imagine parenthood being any more satisfying than when her kids Apple, now 18, and 16-year-old Moses - who she has with ex-husband Chris Martin - were babies but she has embraced "each chapter" they have gone through and learned to savour the moments.

She told People magazine: "My daughter went to college in the fall, and my son is growing up every minute.

"He's taller than me. But I'm very grateful for the transitions. Especially as a mother, I've really cherished every chapter of their lives.

"It's funny, I always thought, when they were born I was like, 'It's never going to be better than this.' "But then they were two, and then five, and every stage I've been like, 'This is better than the last.' And I feel that way now."

The 50-year-old star recently spoke of her worries from when she first became stepmother to husband Brad Falchuk's children Isabella, 18, and 16-year-old Brody,

She said: “There’s just no playbook for how to do it. I think there’s this like archetypal evil stepmother and this inference it’s going to be this fraught thing, so I came into it on tender hooks like, ‘Oh my gosh, you can only kind of do the wrong thing.’ ”

The Goop founder admitted her "trepidation" was her "one regret" about becoming a stepparent and finding her voice "shifted everything", so she'd advice other women in her position to treat their partner's children the same way they would their own.

She said: “However many years ago I was like, ‘F*** it, these are my kids. I love them. I’m not gonna like be scared to discipline them.'

"If someone asked me for advice on it, I would just say from day one, just really treat them as your kid.

“I just wish I had done that earlier.”