goop has expanded to a ''service brand'' during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The beauty and wellness website - founded by Gwyneth Paltrow - offers a podcast, live events, retail stores, a clothing label and more and, during the global health crisis, goop has been reaching out to its community to give them ''tools'' to help them through lockdown.

goop's chief content officer Elise Loehnen told WWD: ''Consumers are thinking about their role in an interconnected and interdependent system. What they're putting on and in their bodies, how they can manage their relationship with can they not get sick and end up in a hospital?''

''We've been doing workshops, mini touch-bases with our community, morning routines, work-from-home guides - things that give people tools in the moment.''

Loehnen also revealed that goop's customers are willing to splash out more money for better quality and understand that it is worth investing in themselves.

She explained: ''The consumption patterns on goop [suggest] people are willing to buy fewer things that are better.

''As we've all been put at home with all our things, we are forced to evaluate our relationship to products in our lives - a lot of us are seeing that we need to divorce ourself from the myth that we can have good, fast and cheap simultaneously - it's really a 'you pick two'. Consumption patterns on goop [suggest] that people are willing to buy fewer things that are better. They are going to their closets, they are going to their cabinets, taking stock of all the choices they are taking on in their lives and wanting to do better.''