Gwen Stefani thinks the music industry has become like "the Wild West".

The 54-year-old singer first rose to stardom as a member of No Doubt in the 90s, but Gwen doesn't know where she sits in the music landscape these days.

The blonde beauty - who is married to country music star Blake Shelton - told NYLON magazine: "I told this to Blake the other day: ‘You don’t understand - to be a mom and a wife and then write a record?’ Everybody might be like, ‘Why did it take so long?’ Well, OK, I want to see you try to find five seconds to get creative."

Gwen has actually found it tough to balance her music career with her parental responsibilities.

The singer - who has Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, ten, with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale - shared: "It’s so hard to squeeze it into the life that I have. And that’s why I think it’s more special than ever.

"It’s like when someone says, ‘Oh my God, I got to get my hair coloured’ or ‘I got to take a bath today’ after just having a baby. That’s what it’s like for me to do music. It’s that selfish - and special."

Gwen and Blake released the track 'Purple Irises' earlier this year.

The song's name was inspired by their time together on Blake's Oklahoma ranch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blake explained: "Gwen has an incredible sense for planting things: how to grow them and, once it’s growing, how to cultivate it, and when to prune something.

"I like to farm on a big scale, like corn or beans, acres at a time. She concentrates more on patches here and there and ends up farming things a little better than I do."