Gwen Stefani says sewing "runs in the family".

The No Doubt singer has launched two successful clothing lines - L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers - and admits it was inevitable she would go into fashion because all her family have shown talent for it.

She said: "I can sew - it run in the family. My grandma made my mom's prom dress - mom didn't have a choice! And mom would take us to the fabric store and we'd pick out Vogue and McCall's patterns. When I got older, I was very ant-fashion. I was into thrift stores and making my own stuff. I had my own sewing machine, glue guns and projects everywhere. My room was a danger zone."

Gwen says she's involved in every part of her fashion lines and has so many ideas about her designs.

She said: "Fashion's not as draining as music but it is much more greedy - there are endless ideas and dreams about what you want to wear. And then you've got to make that happen. But I enjoy all parts of the creative process - making the cookies and eating the dough."