Gwen Stefani "wasn't ready" for her husband Blake Shelton to leave 'The Voice.'

The 53-year-old pop star struck up a relationship with country singer Blake, 46, when she began serving alongside him as a judge on the long-running talent show in 2015 and the pair - who tied the knot in 2021 - have appeared together on the show on and off ever since, but Gwen now "feels sorry" for fans after it was announced that he is to quit the show after its upcoming 23rd season.

She said: "He's brought so much joy. He's so talented. I know people just wait around to laugh and watch him on TV, so I feel sorry for everybody [that] he's gonna be gone. It's so weird Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice. I wasn't ready, you know what I mean? I have to figure out who this new Blake's gonna be! I'm just so proud of him!"

Blake - who has served as a judge on 'The Voice' for over a decade - is moving on to present the upcoming game show 'Barmageddon' with Carson Daly, which will see two celebrities go head-to-head in a bar game and the 'Hollaback Girl' hitmaker joked that her husband used her as a "guinea pig" for the first episode.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I'm gonna be on one of the [episodes]. I think I was his guinea pig. I was the first episode, me and Sheryl Crow. It's a fun show. [It's] completely different from The Voice. I mean, it's literally just people hanging out and doing games in a bar, so right up Blake's alley!"

'Barmageddon' is set to premiere on December 5 on USA Network.