Gwen Stefani has taken up gardening since moving to the countryside and now describes herself as a “flower nerd”.

The 53-year-old former No Doubt star married Blake Shelton in 2021 and the couple now split their time between Los Angeles and their Ten Points Ranch in the country singer’s native state of Oklahoma, and they spend much of their time tending to their garden.

The ‘What You Waiting For?’ hitmaker admits it’s a huge change because she previously swore off horticulture because her parents made her help out when she was a kid.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she explained: “When I was young, I’d walk home from school and see my mom in her shorts doing her gardening, and my dad would be cutting the trees and make me pick up the branches. I’d be like: ‘I’m never having a tree at my house!’”

Gushing over one of her planting successes, she added: “I just had the most incredible dahlias ever.”

The couple have been growing sunflowers and vegetables at the 1,300-acre ranch - which also hosted the couple’s wedding back in 2012.

The ‘True Babe’ singer added of her love of her country home in Tishomingo: “When we get to Oklahoma, we’re constantly working - and it’s a different kind of work. It’s probably what my mom was doing back in the day and now I get it …

“Going to Oklahoma was just being introduced to a whole world I didn’t know about. It’s so beautiful there, and you feel like you’re going into this vortex. Nature - and God - is all right there.”

In an interview last year, Blake admitted it took some time for Gwen’s three sons - Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, nine, from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale - to get used to life in the country after moving there from Los Angeles.

Speaking at the Country Radio Seminar 2022, he confessed: “The [elder] two of them were like: ’Well, what do we do now?' I go: 'Go out that door and don’t come back till you’re too tired to go any further.' Well, they can’t even imagine just going down to the creek with a net or turning over rocks or getting on a buggy and driving around.”