Gwen Stefani doesn't think she would make it past the first round of 'The Voice.'

The 53-year-old pop star has served as a judge on the US version of the NBC talent show - which sees auditionees perform a blind audition with the coaches facing away from them in the hope that they will turn around and put them through to the next round - on a sporadic basis since 2014 but explained that she would "never get through" if she was trying out.

She said: "I can answer that already. I would never get a chair turn, there’s no way. Because this is the thing about 'The Voice'. The whole thing is just, it’s very different than watching someone sing a song and that’s the whole point, that you’re eliminating any of those other sensory things, you’re just hearing the voice."

The 'Hollaback Girl' hitmaker - who shot to fame as a member of 1990s rock band No Doubt before branching out as a solo artist more than a decade later - went on to add explain that her vocals are more of a "character voice" and is "different" to the wannabe singers who audition for the show in the hope of winning a recording contract with Universal Music.

Speaking on 'The Drew Barrymore Show', she added: "And I feel like my voice has been, it’s like a character voice. Some of these singers are so technically incredible that come on the show, they’re so gifted as singers, so I don’t know if a show like the 'The Voice' I would get a chair turn like I feel like I could get someone to listen to it on the radio, but it’s just different."