Gwen Stefani feels like she can do it all.

The 44-year-old star, who has sons Kingston, eight, Zuma, six, and Apollo, seven months, with husband Gavin Rossdale, admits it's not easy juggling motherhood with 'The Voice' USA and her career as a fashion designer, but insists she wouldn't change a thing.

She said: ''It's an amazing time in my life. I get to be doing it all.

''It's really hard, but I've always liked the clash of things. You get to be in one world, and the next minute you're in another world.''

The blonde beauty admits she was forced to take a break when she got pregnant for the third time.

She said: ''It was really hard for me to do much else, so I kind of had to walk away.''

But the No Doubt singer is thrilled to have recently returned to New York Fashion Week to present her latest collection.

She told People magazine: ''It reflects where I am right now, everything kind of aligned.

''I really enjoy the process of making the clothes, almost as much as I do wearing them.''

And Gwen is now gearing up to release her new fragrance collection.

She said: ''I'm doing new Harajuku Lovers fragrances that I've been working on forever. They reflect where I am right now, which is totally surreal because I worked on them so long ago, and it all coincides win a weird unplanned way. I love when the happens.''