Gwen Stefani broke down in tears during her husband Blake Shelton's emotional speech at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

The No Doubt singer was honoured with a star on the famous sidewalk in Los Angeles on Thursday (19.10.23) and her partner Blake was on hand to pay tribute - insisting she has always put her role as a mother to three sons before her work in the entertainment industry.

He said: "The first time that I ever met Gwen was in 2014. She wasn't like any other famous person that I had ever met before. She drove herself to work [at 'The Voice'] in a black minivan with car seats in it. She didn't roll in with security. She came in with a baby and two little boys ... It was clear to me that she was a mother first and foremost over anything else in the world. That was her number one job. And now standing here almost 10 years later after I first met her, I can say without question that being a mother is still the most important thing in her life. And I gotta tell you all that is, that's rare in this business."

He added: "But today it's nice to see her honoured for her side project, which is being one of the biggest stars in the world ... Congratulations to my all time favourite songwriter on your star. You deserve this and I love you."

Gwen was seen holding back sobs as Blake spoke, and afterwards she took to the podium to thank her husband for his support. She said: "You are my best friend, my husband. Blake Shelton, I love you so much. You have given me the kind of love I never knew before. The minute I met you, I knew I was home and I am so, so proud that you're mine. I can't believe it. I love you."

The singer later admitted she was stunned by her husband's speech.

She told "I was holding it back. I was slurping it back because I was like: 'How am I going to get through this?' I didn't know what he was going to say. He's usually just a jokester, [I assumed] he was going to come out and ad lib it - and he had an actual speech. That alone was like: 'What?' All the words today just meant everything to me. It's crazy."