David Brockie was killed by an accidental heroin overdose, coroners have found. Brockie, who performed under the stage name Oderus Urungus in the metal band GWAR, was found dead aged 50 in his Richmond, Virginia home on the 23rd March this year.

The rocker's cause of death was initially mysterious as he was found sitting in a chair but Richmond officials ruled on Tuesday that he died of an accidental overdose of heroin. Brockie died from "acute heroin toxicity and the manner of death is accident," Arkuie Williams, administrator of the medical examiner's office, said via The Guardian.

Known for their comically grotesque costumes, themes and lyrics, GWAR has been a unit since 1984 and has had a rotating line-up of musicians with Brockie the only consistent member. The two-time Grammy-nominated band's concept revolves around sci-fi and horror themes with bandmembers portrayed as interplanetary warriors.

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The 'Zombies, March!' rockers had not long returned from a tour of Japan when Brockie was discovered dead. Police discovered evidence of heroin use at the scene but the musician's cause of death has only just been confirmed. The band has never been shy about addressing its collective embrace of substance abuse with Brockie admitting that he would rather not perform sober.

David Brockie, Of GWAR Fame, Was Killed By An Accidental Heroin Overdose.