The pop star represented his home country at the competition in Vienna, and he has now revealed he fell victim to an unwanted sexual advance while he was relaxing in a steam room at his hotel.

Sebastian tells Australia's Nova FM, "(It was a) creepy old guy... It was a definite deliberate sexual advance. He's gone for my nipple and put his hand down towards my crotch... I've just never had anything like that happen to me and never had anyone so brazenly feel like they could sexually make an advance on someone so physically as well without any caution...

"He said I have a beautiful body... I was really weirded out by him... (He) touched my tattoos. He literally tweaked my nipple. It actually hurt and I just thought the whole thing was really odd... I said to Jules, my wife, 'Who tweaks someone's nipple?' It was so weird."

The singer's appearance at the show marked the first time Australia has taken part in Eurovision, and Sebastian came in fifth place.