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22nd December 2015

Fact: The release of director Guy Ritchie's latest movie King Arthur has been pushed back from July (16) to February, 2017. The film stars Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law and features a cameo appearance by retired soccer player David Beckham.

7th August 2015

Quote: "We've put him in Arthur, which we've just finished, and he was fabulous in that. He's got a bigger role in that. We'll go steadily with David and see where that goes. He does enjoy it (acting)." Moviemaker Guy Ritchie is keen to cast former soccer stud David Beckham in all his movies after giving him a fleeting cameo in new film The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

13th June 2015

Fact: Soccer superstar David Beckham is set to appear in Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur film, Knights of the Roundtable. Beckham has landed a cameo alongside fellow Brits including Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam, and Sherlock Holmes' Jude Law. The film is set for release in 2016.

10th April 2015

Fact: Madonna recruited her teenage son Rocco to make an appearance onscreen on Thursday (09Apr15) as she performed her new single, B**CH I'M MADONNA, on America's THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON. The superstar began the song from her studio dressing room, before dragging out her collaborator Diplo and a group of dancers into the hallway as she made her way onto the show's stage. Rocco, whose father is British director Guy Ritchie, was featured skating into view and mouthing the hook, "B**ch I'm Madonna".

20th November 2014

Fact: Djimon Hounsou has reportedly entered negotiations to portray wizard Merlin in director Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur epic. The actor is the front-runner to land the magical role in Knights of the Round Table, according to multiple outlets. If he signs on, Hounsou will join a cast that includes Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur and Spanish actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Guinevere.

30th October 2012

Fact: Robert Downey, Jr. has reunited with his Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie to film an advert for the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops Ii video game. The action star makes a brief appearance in the minute-long live-action trailer, titled Surprise, in which he quips, "Guess who brought a jet to a gun fight", before trying to fly out of the war zone. The game hits retailers on 13 November (12).

1st June 2012

Fact: Madonna's moviemaker ex Guy Ritchie is in talks to tackle pirate classic Treasure Island as a new film franchise. The man behind the two hit Sherlock Holmes films is attached to direct a big-budget movie adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure novel, which was recently turned into a TV mini-series starring Eddie Izzard.

7th December 2011

Quote: "In Snatch, there's a sequence where people are fed to pigs and that's a way of getting rid of bodies; all you gotta do is... shave the hair... and then you've got to pull the teeth out and after that the pigs do the rest - they go through bones like it's butter... and there is a guy that does that." Director Guy Ritchie insists horrific scenes in his 2000 movie were based on reality.

7th December 2011

Quote: "Rob's a frustrated director anyway, but also he's a powerhouse of creativity and he hates the word no and I'm the guy who has to say no. We're like brothers and we wrestle and we're both passionate... He likes to wrestle." Guy Ritchie on directing his Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey, Jr.

1st December 2011

Quote: "I went to a football match with a whole gang of these people, and they couldn't be more genteel. And they talked about stabbing people the way we would talk about a stag party. But my friends aren't active villains. They've all been gentrified." Filmmaker Guy Ritchie admits some of his friends are reformed criminals.

28th November 2011

Quote: "Everyone told me that to be good at school was important, but for me it wasn't. So I am anti-school. And I'm anti people putting so much pressure on kids and robbing their childhood by giving them so much homework. I think if kids want to arse around, then they should." Director Guy Ritchie refuses to put pressure on his kids to succeed in school.

13th July 2011

Quote: "I can't help myself. They wanted this to be a franchise, which, in my mind, needs at least two movies. But I really liked working with the team on the first movie, so this was an easy choice." Director Guy Ritchie admits shooting a Sherlock Holmes sequel with pals Jude Law and Robert Downey, JR. was an easy decision to make.

11th April 2011

Fact: Director Guy Ritchie has an invitation to Britain's upcoming royal wedding - the moviemaker is Kate Middleton's sixth cousin once removed. She will exchange vows with Prince William on 29 April (11).

4th April 2010

Quote: "Do I have any idea what the f**k he is talking about most of the time? No f**king way. He f**king rants, sounds very clever, and then I have to tell him: 'Repeat that, but this time f**king speak English.'" Director Guy Ritchie admits he struggled to understand his Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey, Jr.

3rd April 2010

Quote: "The word to describe Robert is hard... He can really scrap. He's done time in jail, which didn't exactly soften him up. He has a real physicality that is pretty f**king amazing." Guy Ritchie on his SHERLOCK HOLMES star Robert Downey, JR.

22nd March 2010

Quote: "Me, Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie have been talking about working on a project together." Vinnie Jones is keen to reunite with his pals for another movie. The trio previously worked together on British gangster films LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH.

12th January 2010

Quote: "He's a big bada** Englishman. We'd show him a piece of fight choreography and he'd be like, 'No, no!' And then show us how to choke someone out with their own jacket, because he's this jujitsu guy. I love the guy!" Robert Downey Jr. was impressed with director Guy Ritchie's fighting capabilities on the set of movie SHERLOCK HOLMES.

16th December 2009

Quote: “He knew when to let us muck around and when to tell us to stop. He was the father of two wayward sons.” Jude Law on his SHERLOCK HOLMES director, Guy Ritchie, who took charge of him and co-star Robert Downey Jr.

15th December 2009

Fact: One of Jude Law's first acting roles was as a stable boy in U.K. TV series THE CASE-BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. The Brit now plays the supersleuth's sidekick DR. WATSON in Guy Ritchie's new big-screen adaptation SHERLOCK HOLMES.

11th September 2009

Quote: "I keep getting a large cheque every year for SNATCH. That film alone keeps a roof over my head." Guy Ritchie still reaps the rewards from his 2000 gangster movie, which pulled in more than $83 million (£55 million) at the global box office.

28th May 2009

Fact: A painting of Madonna and her ex husband Guy Ritchie in the nude is expected to fetch up to $33,000 (£22,000) when it goes under the hammer at Scottish auction house MCTear's on Saturday (30May09).

7th May 2009

Quote: "There are many duos we wanted to draw from. Something as eccentric as The Odd Couple to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Withnail and I and Laurel and Hardy. It's the kind of friendship you can only have with someone of the same sex, a person you adore but who infuriates you." Jude Law on working with Robert Downey Jr. in Guy Ritchie's new SHERLOCK HOLMES movie.

6th January 2009

Quote: "I'm a natural drinker - I enjoy it very much." Guy Ritchie explains why he bought a London pub.

22nd November 2008

Fact: The court hearing that dissolved Madonna and Guy Ritchie's seven-and-a-half year marriage on Friday (21Nov08) lasted just 54 seconds. A judge at London's High Court granted the former couple a decree nisi, and their marriage will be officially finalised in six weeks when they will be handed a decree absolute.

14th November 2008

Quote: "Everyone thought I looked like Super Mario." Robert Downey Jr. on the moustache he grew for Guy Ritchie's upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES movie.

12th November 2008

Quote: "I thought it wouldn't last. (He) was generally a miserable guy and he got worse." Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone on her recent split from husband Guy Ritchie.

5th November 2008

Fact: Filmmaker Guy Ritchie is directing George Clooney and actress JENNIFER ROSE in a new commercial for Nestle's Nespresso.

27th October 2008

Fact: The Scottish cathedral where Madonna and Guy Ritchie's son ROCCO was christened has been vandalised by youths. The couple baptised their son at Dornoch Cathedral in the Scottish Highlands in December 2000.

21st October 2008

Quote: “I'm ROCCO's Godmum. I love my godson and they'll work it out. They're both big enough people to become great friends in time and I'm sure that they will for the sake of their kids, if nothing else. I'm sad when great things come to an end but they both need to recapture their lives.” Sting's wife Trudie Styler on pals Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage split. Styler introduced the pair.

8th October 2008

Quote: "I want to have shorter hair, but I have a husband that loves the long-haired look, and well, that is just one of the things I do for him." Madonna has no plans to go against husband Guy Ritchie's wishes and cut her hair.

2nd October 2008

Quote: "He was an interesting mess, but he's come out the other side and he's no longer a mess. He's reborn." Moviemaker Guy Ritchie can't wait to work with Robert Downey Jr. on a new SHERLOCK HOLMES movie.

1st October 2008

Fact: Jude Law will team up with Robert Downey Jr. in a big-screen version of SHERLOCK HOLMES, director Guy Ritchie has confirmed. Downey Jr. will portray Holmes, while Law will play his sidekick Dr. Watson. Production is slated to begin in October (08) in London.

17th September 2008

Quote: "If Guy says you're all right, you're all right. He's very nice. Gives you a hug in the morning. Loves to sit down and have a chat. Really interested. I like him a lot." Actor Idris Elba enjoyed his time working with director Guy Ritchie on the set of ROCKNROLLA.

16th September 2008

Quote: “That’s because I don’t understand women.” British director Guy Ritchie reveals why he rarely casts female roles.

16th September 2008

Quote: “I'm not extravagant. We spent all of, you know, $1,080 (GBP600).” British director Guy Ritchie insists his 40th birthday was not as extravagant as wife Madonna's 50th birthday bash last month (Aug08).

9th September 2008

Fact: SYRIANA star Mark Strong has signed on to play SHERLOCK HOLMES' foe LORD BLACKWOOD in the upcoming Guy Ritchie movie. Robert Downey Jr. will play the great detective in the film.

8th September 2008

Quote: "She's Madonna. It was like having some sort of animal, a wild beast, walk into the room." ENTOURAGE star Jeremy Piven was terrified when the Queen of Pop visited the set of husband Guy Ritchie's film ROCKNROLLA.

5th September 2008

Quote: "She's been very supportive. It was great." Director Guy Ritchie praises his superstar wife Madonna for backing his new movie ROCKNROLLA. The MUSIC hitmaker took time out of her Sticky + Sweet tour schedule on Monday (01Sep08) to accompany Ritchie at the film's London premiere.

5th September 2008

Quote: "The missus loves horses, but actually I'm scared of horses. I run away, I've never been able to get over that horse thing." Guy Ritchie doesn't share his wife Madonna's passion for equestrian sports.

5th September 2008

Quote: "She was taking the trash out and I said, 'Darling, I've just bought a pub.' She said, 'OK'." Guy Ritchie on how he broke the news to his wife Madonna that he had purchased a London bar.

5th September 2008

Quote: "Madonna was so low key and so incognito that I hardly noticed her, and when I did it kinda caught me by storm. But honestly speaking, she's a really down to earth, really cool individual. I'm glad I got a chance to meet her - rub some of that energy off!" Rapper/actor Ludacris was delighted to meet his ROCKNROLLA director Guy Ritchie's superstar wife during shooting.

2nd September 2008

Quote: "You've just got to love your wife. Is that boring enough?" Guy Ritchie's advise on making his marriage to Madonna work.

29th August 2008

Quote: "I'm sure Lola will be a very talented actress." Guy Ritchie is certain his step-daughter LOURDES will enjoy more success on the big screen than her mother Madonna.

25th August 2008

Quote: "I love all her dark songs best. Some of the songs come from genuine suffering, let me tell you." Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie reveals his take on his wife's work.

25th August 2008

Quote: "I haven't seen a lot of the shows properly before because I always forget my glasses." Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie saw his wife's concert in Cardiff, Wales clearly on Saturday (23Aug08).

2nd July 2008

Quote: "I imagine she's quite tough to live with." Boy George on reports Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are set to divorce.

9th April 2008

Quote: "No, I know what to make. I sent her her first macrobiotic chef. Once I was there and they had nothing to eat so I made him steaks on a George Foreman grill and her a salad out of whatever was left." MACrobiotic diet devotee Gwyneth Paltrow insists it isn't difficult to cook a meal for her close friends Guy Ritchie and notoriously picky eater Madonna.

11th January 2008

Quote: "I have heard her CD. I think it's her best CD, and I'm not just saying that. Well, I am just saying it, but I also mean it." Filmmaker Guy Ritchie insists he likes his wife Madonna's upcoming album.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "My kids want to go to one of his movies. ROCCO complained that he doesn't make movies that kids can watch." Madonna admits her children are unhappy with their father Guy Ritchie's hard-hitting films.

5th October 2007

Quote: "I'm dramatically un-wild... If you're prepared to put your feet up, have a cup of tea and watch TV, I'm the man to do it with." Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie loves the quiet life.

2nd October 2007

Quote: "I'm dramatically un-wild... If you're prepared to put your feet up, have a cup of tea and watch TV, I'm the man to do it with." Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie loves the quiet life.

14th September 2007

Fact: Madonna's A LEAGUE OF HER OWN co-star ROSIE O'DONNELL has escaped the furore surrounding her upcoming autobiography CELEBRITY DETOX by joining the pop superstar and her husband Guy Ritchie for the Jewish New Year in Israel.

20th July 2007

Quote: "He's a really good mover. I think that's why they got together - she may have seen him on the dance floor." Actor Gerard Butler understands what attracted Madonna to husband Guy Ritchie.

5th March 2007

Fact: Superstar Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie dressed up as a 1920s flapper and NYPD police officer for a fancy dress party at the Kabbalah Center is Los Angeles on Saturday night (03MAR07).

2nd March 2007

Quote: "I like it when my husband wears suits and I tell him on a regular basis. Does he comply? Yes he does. He's very obedient in the clothes department." Filmmaker Guy Ritchie obeys his wife Madonna's wardrobe demands.

4th January 2007

Fact: Nicolas Cage, Guy Ritchie and JON WOO have signed up to help director Shekhar Kapur produce a series of Indian mythology-inspired comic books.

7th November 2006

Quote: "The most important thing is their intentions are right. They're trying to give a kid a home and an education, who probably wouldn't get that... Their hearts are in the right place." Brad Pitt approves of Madonna and pal Guy Ritchie's attempts to adopt 13-month-old African baby DAVID BANDA.

31st October 2006

Fact: Staff at London waxwork museum Madame Tussauds have already rushed together a model of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's newly adopted baby son DAVID to join the MATERIAL GIRL's exhibit.

19th October 2006

Fact: Madonna's adoptive son DAVID will take Guy Ritchie's surname, while his original family name - BANDA - will be his middle name.

25th August 2006

Fact: Pop superstar Madonna and Guy Ritchie treated their son ROCCO to his own pony for his sixth birthday earlier this month (AUG06).

13th June 2006

Quote: "Have I ever been totally and completely intimidated by another person? Yes, my husband's mother." Madonna fears Guy Ritchie's relations.

15th March 2006

Fact: Madonna and her movie-maker husband Guy Ritchie donned fancy dress to attend a party at Los Angeles' Kabbalah Center - Madonna wore a saucy French maid outfit, while the SNATCH director dressed up as a native American Indian.

11th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I've got to look after the kids and she wasn't winning anything." Guy Ritchie explains why he didn't accompany Madonna at last week's (08FEB06) Grammy Awards. </p>

9th February 2006

Quote: <p>"Really? We split up? Ok, well, he's still calling me every five minutes." Madonna rubbishes rumours she is separating from husband Guy Ritchie. </p>

13th September 2005

Quote: <p>"You would have had to broken both my arms and both my legs for me to not come here." MADONNA speaking at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of her husband Guy Ritchie's new movie REVOLVER - less than a month after suffering three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand in a horse riding accident. </p>

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