Guru's close friend SOLAR has blasted his former lover after she alleged the two men endured a physically violent relationship - insisting her accusations are "lies" and "cheap shots".
Tasha Denham, who has a child with Solar, came forward with allegations her ex-boyfriend often fought with the late rapper, who died last month (Apr10) after a battle with cancer.
She told, "I saw (Guru) punched in the face numerous times with no provocation. It (would just be) that he'd (Solar) get upset with something Guru would say and punch him in the face. I know he knocked a tooth out of Guru's. I know he gave him a black eye (so Guru would) have to wear glasses for photo-shoots and concerts."
But Solar is fuming about the unfounded allegations - accusing Denham of lying about the incidents.
He tells Britain's Conspiracy Radio, "This is from a groupie that has no knowledge of anything about me and Guru. It's unbelievable that they even put her up there. She never lived with Guru. She never knew Guru. She's just making up tales.
"These are just cowards taking cheap shots at a man that's not here anymore and they should be ashamed of themselves."
The star has also blasted Guru's sister Patricia Elam, after she claimed he had an unhealthy hold over his friend and business partner.
He adds, "The crazies are talking now. Trish (Elam) is speaking when Trish and Guru haven't spoken, haven't seen each other in I don't know how long. These are two people that did not get along."