The police official who helped GUNS N' ROSES star DJ Ashba realise his dream of proposing to Colombian actressNathalia Henao high above Las Vegas last year (13) has retired rather than accept a demotion for violating department policy.

Captain David O'Leary helped the guitarist pull off an elaborate wedding proposal by arranging a flight on an official helicopter.

The 25 year old, who oversaw the Las Vegas Financial Crimes Bureau, retired last month (Dec13) after learning he was to be demoted to the rank of lieutenant.

His sidekick, Ray Horsley, who piloted the helicopter, is to be transferred out of the Air Support Detail later this month (Jan14), and he will no longer be allowed to fly for the department, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The disciplinary action follows a four-month investigation, which was sparked by Ashba in September (13) when he posted a photo of himself and Henao wearing helicopter headgear on, accompanied by a note in which he thanked the Las Vegas police department for "the most amazing" private helicopter tour over the city.