David O'Leary, who oversaw the Las Vegas Financial Crimes Bureau, took early retirement in December, 2013, after it was revealed that he had helped to arrange a private police helicopter ride for his friend Ashba, so the rocker could propose to his then-girlfriend, Colombian actress Nathalia Henao.

Authorities claimed O'Leary's actions violated department policy and, after a four-month investigation, chiefs decided he should be demoted to the rank of lieutenant. Instead of accept the demotion, he chose to retire after serving 25 years in the police force.

However, it now appears O'Leary is set to return to his desk as Captain after officials at the Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board, which resolves disputes between public bodies and employees, ruled in his favour on Friday (15May15).

Board members claimed department heads' decision to demote O'Leary was politically motivated. They also found the Captain had asked a fellow officer for advice about Ashba's request, and had been told the department was allowed to offer a "fly-along", as long as participants signed the required documents - which they did.

Police department bosses are planning to appeal the ruling, but Ashba is confident O'Leary will be able to keep his job.

Celebrating the news, the rocker says, "There's nobody more loyal and honest than him (O'Leary) and that's why it was just horrifying what they were saying about us, you know. They made it seem like we, you know, jumped a fence at midnight and stole a helicopter... When you know you're innocent for almost two years, it couldn't be a better day.

"He (O'Leary) loses his job because he did something out of the kindness of his heart. He did nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong."

Ashba wed Henao on 23 September, 2013, just weeks after the helicopter proposal.