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i would like to contact guns n roses' publicist. my grandmas turning 70. shes been in love with axl rose since i was in high school. shes a wonderful women and i would like to do something nice 4 her. im not asking for a personal visit, although that would be way cool. i would just like to get a shirt with his signature on it or something. i will pay for it. well i appreciate all the help. please contact me.

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by flygrl2578

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guns 'n roses are the bestband ever u have the best guitar riffs in sweet child of mine and november rain u make rpic music videos and u are an amazing band rock on love dollie rawker

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by dollie rawker

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yeah they're the best, i live in the past with guns n' roses, i love the Classic GN'R, the new GN'R is still good, but it will never beat the Classic Guns N' Roses

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by tindall24

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I totaly agree, GNR are the greatest band ever!!!, Axl and Slash's double act will never be beaten and they should sort their differences out. Anyway, if you love Guns, you'll love FREELOADER for defo, checkout MYSPACE.COM/FREELOADERUK

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by Marty freeloader

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i ment AC/DC

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by tindall24

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Guns 'N' Roses are the best rock band in my opinion, i rate them over all the great rock band, like AD/DC, led zeppelin and Black Sabbath. They are the best GNR

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by tindall24

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Guns n f**kin roses rule!!!!!!

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by anakin

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