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Theremin's, brandy and dancing to keyboard demo's is far from a normal Saturday night for anybody yet Guillemots succeded in taking all of the above along with their unique brand of psychedelic indie-pop and turn it in to one of the best gigs I've been to in a long while.

Sat in front of an array of keyboards on an antiquey looking chair Fyfe Dangerfield along with drummer Greig Stewart, double bass player Aristazabal Hawkes and guitarist MC Lord Magrao (can't be his real name, can it?) ran through a set of highlights from Mercury Prize nominated "Through The Windowpane" as well as a few numbers from their latest "Of the Night" EP.

As the evening progressed the set got livelier with Dangerfield both rocking out, wriggling on his chair like a young Stevie Wonder and proving himself as a talented balladeer in mellower moments. Despite a surreal choice in clothes and a clear penchant for the bizarre Guillemots manage to put of one of the most human and honest shows out there, he may have chosen his name to sound more like a 1920's detective but when Fyfe Dangerfield says " I love you through spark and shining dragons I do" you know he means it. Whatever that means.

Sam Rawlings

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