Rapper Gucci Mane – real name Radric Davis - has a warrant for his arrest, following an allegation that the rapper hit a soldier in the head with a champagne bottle. The army man spoke to Atlanta’s WSBTV about the incident.

“I'm in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it OK?" said James, his second name wasn’t divulged. "I was speaking to the security guard, and Gucci Mane hit me in the head with a bottle." Gucci Mane was at the club promoting his new mix tape, and the authorities have confirmed the story. "We do have an active warrant for Mr. Davis for aggravated assault," Atlanta Police Department Lieutenant Jeff Cantin said. "So I'm sure after he sees this, I'm sure he'll want to reach out and contact us." James says he is suffering from concussion after the ‘assault’. "He could have possibly killed me. I just hope and pray that I recover pretty well because I still want to serve my military career," James added.

Gucci ManeGucci Mane at the premiere of Spring Breakers

Mane – who is co-starring in the recently released "Spring Breakers" – spends a lot of time dealing with the law. He has been arrested for battery, probation violation and reckless driving, among other disturbances, and served a six-month jail sentence in 2011.