Review of Drop The Tough EP by Groove Armada

Review of Groove Armada's EP Drop The Tough.

Groove Armada Drop The Tough EP

Groove Armada don't really need much mention these days having proven themselves as one of the great innovators of dance music with an illustrious back catalogue of music, their own music festival LoveBox and too many gigs to mention you have to wonder when these guys will slow down.

Why would you want to as the quality of Groove Armada doesn't falter and this EP deserves just as much credit as any music from the past. 'Drop The Tough' is a cool banger that has edge, sophistication and groove. There's a cool bass line, slick licks from the guitar and feisty vocals. It's a great track for playing out for sure. But it doesn't stop there 'El Padrino' is a REALLY cool. I totally dig this track. I think it's a classic back to that ambient sunshine tip that Café Del Mar became renowned for. 'Go' is class also and 'Pull Up (Crank It Up) feat. Slarta John to finish the EP nicely brings the roots vibe to a totally atmospheric track. Awesome!

It has to be said Groove Armada are definitely in the Premier League and with tunes like this. It's nice to see bands still keep their aliveness and joy for making music because it still sounds fresh and a pleasure to hear. Thank you!

Tareck Ghoneim

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