Review of Veckatimest Album by Grizzly Bear

Review of Grizzly Bear's album Veckatimest released through Warp.

Grizzly Bear Veckatimest Album

Each year, a few credible/independent bands manage to breakthrough and reach a level most independent bands never get to, last year it was the turn of Fleet Foxes and with a little bit of a push, this year it should be Grizzly Bear. Grizzy Bear consist of four members, Daniel Rossen is the main songwriter, last year he released an album with a friend under the name of Department Of Eagles (another record which should've seen more commercial success than it did).

The group named their album after a small island in Massachusetts, and if this album is anything to compare it to, it must be a lovely place. Veckatimest isn't the most instant of albums, but given the chance it could be compared to a Beach Boys album (not one of the singles) taken on by Mercury Rev, it's full of swooning melodies and harmony. Their last album Yellow House, was a firm indie favourite, the band have altered their direction a little with Veckatimest, they've replaced some of the intimacy found on the first album and created somewhat of a big album. It's more accessible than the previous offering.

Listening to this album you really get the feeling Grizzly Bear have a lot to offer, now and in the future. If you could combine the best bits of Department of Eagles album 'Ear In The Park' and 'Veckatimest', it would be a perfect album, as it is 'Ear In The Park' is the better record.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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