Grimes is set to release 'Miss_Anthropocene Rave Edition' on Friday (01.01.21).

The 32-year-old singer has teased the release of her upcoming remix album alongside a tracklist with contributions from BloodPop, Richie Hawtin and a number of other artists.

The collection also features two remixes that Grimes recently premiered in a DJ mix for Apple Music.

It comes after the 'Oblivion' hitmaker recently updated the album artwork for Miss_Anthropocene' - which was released in February - earlier this month.

She previously shared the imagery on Instagram in April, saying: “I polled a bunch of ppl and everyone said not to use it (??) but I wish I trusted my gut. I f****** LOVE this painting.”

Grimes previously revealed the record was originally a double album but she still hopes to release the second disc "because it is very strong".

Speaking to fans in a YouTube Q&A, Grimes said: "'Miss_Anthropocene' was a double disc album and I really do need to release a second disc because it is very strong."

Meanwhile, the musician previously hailed Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' as the "most significant musical situation of the last decade".

She thinks the chart-topping hit represents a landmark moment for the music industry, because much of its success was driven by the social video-sharing app TikTok.

She explained: "I feel like the situation with 'Old Town Road' may be, like, the most significant musical situation of the last decade. Like rejected from the country charts, came up through TikTok. Like, it really is this weird hyper modern situation that's the song, popped off cause of technology. Cause even, I think, he bought the beat from a guy and the whole thing is just this post social media occurrence that just could never have happened before the moment it happened."