Country star Gretchen Wilson stands to lose her sprawling horse ranch if her next record flops - she has mortgaged the sprawling Tennessee property to finance the label, through which she'll release the album.
Everything is at stake for the Redneck Woman singer and she admits she's gambling on the success of I Got Your Country Right Here.
Wilson tells U.S. publication the Globe, "If I win, I'll dig myself out of this hole. If I lose, I'm gonna lose it all."
The singer had no option but to go it alone after she lost her deal with record label Sony Nashville following the failure of her third album, One of the Boys, in 2007 - and now the former bartender, 36, is desperate to keep the log cabin estate she bought for herself and her daughter in Lebanon.
But even if that happens, she insists her poor background will help her cope: "I lived my whole life in a single-wide trailer on a half-acre lot and I'd be fine going back to that."