Rocker Gregg Allman and the producers of his biopic Midnight Rider have been hit by another lawsuit connected to the fatal train accident that took place on the set in February (14).

Make-up artist Antonyia Verna has become the latest crew member to file suit over injuries she sustained as she ran from an oncoming train while shooting on railroad tracks in Wayne County, Georgia.

The parents of camera assistant Sarah Jones, who was killed, were the first to file suit against the filmmakers. They were joined by hairstylist Joyce Gilliard.

Verna, who was injured as she ran from the train, is also suing Allman, Unclaimed Freight Productions, Open Road Films and others.

There have been reports of six other injuries.

According to her lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Midnight Rider producers failed to get permission to film on the trestle bridge and concealed that fact from the rest of the cast and crew. She claims the defendants failed to take "minimum safety precautions" and failed to "comply with applicable industry standards".

Verna alleges she suffered "serious physical injuries, medical and other necessary expenses, post-traumatic stress, mental anguish, lost income, and mental and physical pain and suffering."

She is demanding compensatory and punitive damages. She is joined in the action by her spouse Richard Brewer, who also wants monetary damages for his own suffering.

Filming was shut down following the incident and director Randall Miller has yet to resume the project.

Allman and his fellow defendants have yet to comment on the new lawsuit, but the veteran rocker's attorney recently insisted his client had nothing to do with selecting shooting locations or "the actual physical production of the film".

Allman tried to sue Miller and his production company in early May (14) in an effort to win back the film rights to his life story after insisting the movie project should no longer go ahead. The rocker subsequently dropped the lawsuit after reaching an undisclosed agreement with Miller.