Green Day have a dance music track on their new trilogy.

The 'American Idiot' band are releasing three albums, titled '¡Uno!', '¡Dos!' and '¡Tre!' and on one track, 'Kill the DJ', attempted to emulate electronic music.

Singer Bille Joe Armstrong said: ''Mike [Dirt, bassist] asked me to write a song with a four-on-the-floor rhythm. ''I'd never done it before. It's kind of like [The Clash's] 'Sandinista!', Ian Dury's 'Sex & DRUGS & Rock & Roll' and the Tom Tom Club song, 'Genius of Love'.

''We were trying to figure out how to make dance music without turning into a dance band.''

Billie also explained the reason the band are releasing three albums is because they wanted to do something ''Dangerous,'' but even though there are three separate discs, it still counts as one album under their record contract.

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: ''It counts as one. Believe me, we asked. There was no getting around that. That was fine.

''The record company have been great about it, just stoked. People get so caught up in not trying to do something new and creative, 'Let's just put out an EP.' We said, 'Let's do the exact opposite, something dangerous and fun.'''

Green Day - completed by drummer Tre Cool - release '¡Uno!' on September 25, '¡Dos!' on November 13 and '¡Tre!' on January 15.