Green Day don't argue anymore because because they've been together as a band for so many years.

The 'Basket Case' hitmakers - comprising Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool - find ''commonality'' in music and even if they disagree about what they are recording, they can sit down and resolve their disputes amicably.

Mike said: ''I've been playing with Billie since I was 10 and I'm 47 now. ''The thing is, we're friends and we grew up a long time ago - so if s**t gets difficult or awkward, we can have a general conversation.

''We're all different people but there's a commonality with music.

''Billie has grown into a phenomenal songwriter but when we get together, he knows he can depend on Tre and I to get our parts down and lay it out for him.''

The group spent years rehearsing together almost every day and were stunned to learn that other bands don't do the same.

Mike admitted to Bassist magazine: ''Up until the 'Uno! Dos! Tre!' albums that we did in 2012, we would practise together four to six days a week between tours and records.

''It shocked me when you'd speak to other bands. I'd be genuinely surprised, like, 'You mean you don't practise every day?'

''After the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2015, I realised we've been practicing four to six days a week for our whole f***ing career.

''But we don't have to do that now. We know how to write together and how to work on songs from different angles.''

When it comes to recording new music, frontman Billie comprises playlists of his influences in order for them to get started.

Mike said: ''Billie will send playlists of what he's listening to, because it comes from Billie's core as to what he's feeling.

''He'll work on songs and send us the early demos so we're all in the loop. ''When we're ready to lay down the proper demos, we get together and then he can manipulate it from that point.''