Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer have put some of their 'Hella Mega Tour' gigs on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rockers have been forced to postpone a number of European shows to keep their fans, staff and touring crew safe during the current health crisis.

They said in a joint statement: ''There's nothing that makes our bands happier than playing shows, and maybe no other tour that we've all been this excited for, but due to the current health crisis, we're having to postpone a number of our European shows.

''We're just as disappointed as you are, but the safety of our fans, staff and touring crew is our top priority.''

But the trio - who recently postponed the Asian leg of their tour - told fans to ''hold onto those tickets'' because they are trying to reschedule the shows for next summer.

They added: ''We're working hard to finalise dates for the rescheduled shows next summer, so hold on to those tickets.

''Keep rocking ... safely ... at home.''

The three groups were due to play five shows in Europe, starting with Paris on June 13th, and concluding in Austria on June 21st. No new dates have been released yet.

In September, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong revealed the run of gigs was inspired by the 'Monsters of Rock Tour'.

He said: ''It's kind of a Green Day idea.

''And we talked about how we weren't really wanting to do stadiums and do something that was like throwback to 'Monsters of Rock Tour'.

''There was, of course, Fall Out Boy and Weezer and now we're stoked.''

Fall Out Boy's bassist, Pete Wentz, added: ''To me, I remember, in the 90s, there was this one summer, and Guns and Roses, Metallica went on the stadium tour and my parents didn't let me go to it.

''And I feel trapped in that forever and we wanted to ... You know what I mean? But you want to recreate that memory.

''Hopefully if somebody who gets to go to the tour, I think this tour represents counter-programming, I think that the world is moving in one direction in an obvious way, or whatever.

''I think that this tour represents counter programming to that and it's awesome to take part in that and be a small part of it.''