Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is determined to stay sober after his recent rehab stint - because he doesn't want to let fans down or pick up a reputation as an unreliable rock star.

The American Idiot singer was forced to seek help for a dependence on prescription pills and alcoholism following a meltdown at a gig in Las Vegas in September (12).

His rehab stint prompted his bandmates to scrap a series of gigs and promotional appearances, which seriously affected sales of the group's album trilogy Uno!, Dos! and Tre!

Speaking out for the first time since his treatment, Armstrong tells Rolling Stone magazine he plans to stay in control as he and his bandmates plan a new round of dates, beginning later this month (Mar13).

He says, "The thing in Vegas... I know I'm not gonna relive that. That's a side of me I don't want my fans to ever see again... I want to put on good shows. I want to be reliable."

And that starts with banning alcohol backstage at the band's shows.

He adds, "There is still the obsession for alcohol... but I have to work on it every day because I know what's going on out there. I'm hosting this giant party for people (and) at least 70-75 per cent of the people in the audience have been getting a drink on. I've got to watch my step."

And he tells the magazine that the next time he feels the need to knock back a shot or chug a can of beer he'll "run outside, hail a taxi, go back to my hotel room and have a soda."