Barlow, who co-wrote hits such as Mexicali Blues and I Need a Miracle, has been in and out of hospital with health woes since April (15), and on Wednesday (27May15), he had a heart attack.

The 67 year old has been updating fans on his condition on Twitter, revealing he had surgery on his back prior to the heart attack.

In a series of messages, he writes, "I have been in 4 hospitals since 4/20 fighting the encampments of infection left behind by a staph that briefly held my bloodstream then... They opened up my back in several places and removed/drained infected areas in my spine. This has been very hard but I feel confident now."

He adds, "I was dead for about 8 minutes on Wed eve (sic). Total cardiac arrest. Hard to relax & sleep now. And sad to report no Ascending Light."