Review of Black Clouds Album by Grant Nicholas

Grant Nicholas, the frontman of Feeder, has been taking some time away from the band to indulge in some solo work. Having already had a successful debut solo album and tour, Grant Nicholas has returned with a mini album, doing it the right way. Keeping it all in the family, the beautiful artwork was designed by his daughter.

Grant Nicholas Black Clouds Album

'Black Clouds' is an extension from 'Yorktown Heights' but, in reality, it's more songs that this very talented singer/songwriter just had to share with us all. There are no sounds of the rip-raging Feeder guitar, but this is a whole different project and the last piece that Nicholas will release before dawning that Feeder mindset and mood.

The title track is dark in respect of the lyrics, and yet you can't help but sing to this. A perfect song to show that you don't need massive guitar riffs to get you hooked. The acoustic set up really does complement the vocals of Nicholas and you can sense that he is relishing this new format out there on his own.

One song taken from his debut album, 'Joan of Arc', which slides perfectly into this little beauty, tests his vocals by going from one extreme to another, but this is already a brilliant established song in the Nicholas back catalogue.

Nicholas, already an impressive songwriter, just proves that he is more than Feeder and, boy, are we thankful for that! This mini album is six tracks of something pure and brilliant, a really nice way to sign off his solo slot while he goes back to Feeder. Watch this space because there will most definitely be more to come.


Mark Moore

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